walgreens calendar with your own pictures

OklaMoniDecember 12, 2012

I just ordered my calendar for 2013 from walgreens. I had theirs before, and love putting this years pictures to the corresponding month for next year...

They have a coupon code of


going right now.

Just in case, someone else want's to make their own calendar.


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I made mine this year from Vistaprint. Used them last year. Their site is pretty easy to maneuver and you can add up to 5 pictures I think on a month. The cost started at 7.99 and got cheaper (alittle) with the more you order but they get you with shipping. I tried to do Staples in store but kept getting frozen up while entering pics. They pretty much use the same covers as Vistaprint.

I use pictures of my GS and I love looking at how he looked at the same time a year ago. You notice the size difference but also the way his facial features change.

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I order my pictures from Photobucket and they are sent to my local CVS, not taxes.

I am a happy camper.

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