Got a First Alert Weather Radio for xmas

schoolhouse_gwDecember 25, 2012

Looks like I could use it sooner than expected. Nasty winter weather headed this way Wed. afternoon through Thursday. Possible 6 " - 10" snow and blizzard conditions.

The radio has the "Alert" option which I'm thinking would scare a person to death if it went off during the night, but then if there was a tornado that wouldn't be bad at all.

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You will be glad to have it. Ours went off about 1:20 last Thursday morning for a severe thunderstorm warning. Almost immediately the wind started to howl and the electricity went out. After the wind died down, we didn't think much more about it and left before dawn for Colorado (packing by flashlight). Later that morning we learned that it was actually an EF1 tornado that took off a roof about a block away and caused other scattered minor damage in our neighborhood. Our house sitter said we have some shingles off and lost a chimney cap. Our next door neighbor just sent a text tonight that it is snowing at home now! Tornados and snow in one week -- strange weather!

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The versions vary. I have one that lets me choose which warnings it'll sound for. I choose the major ones omitting watches, updates and things.

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It lost its favor here after too many middle of the night "wake ups" for nothing.

Then we had a major wind go through about a year ago. Blew trees down, made our house move, took out two entire buildings on our farm site - NO weather alert message. NWS deemed it a "non event". Even the local Sheriff had called in to double check why alerts weren't going off - they said nothing was happening (as he sat in his car that was bouncing up and down in the wind.)

It was a straight line type of storm, and maybe those are not predictable or visible to their equipment.

I do like to be able to turn it on for forecast and during bad weather, since the new digital TV doesn't work for us at all during bad weather. You will enjoy it for that. It is a very nice gift!

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*I* would like one of those. Does it run on batteries, or can you crank it for power? I'd also like one of those emergency lanterns, although we've made do with candles in outages over the years.

Fortunately we've had few storms or outages in recent years. DH says that living just west of Lake Michigan 'protects' us. That may changing though as our climate warms. Our weather over the last couple of years has been more Southern Illinois than Northern.

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Schoolhouse, you are right, it WILL scare the bejeepers out of you when you are sound asleep! It sure did us when we were in New Bern, SC a couple of years ago!

Chisue, you can get both battery operated, which ours in the RV is, and an electric model. I don't know it the electric ones have a battery back up or not. We use the weather channel in the house, no radios ect. TWC is first in the morning, last at night here, unless it's needed otherwise. If we think about it, we bring in the radio from the RV and use it if it's gonna get really nasty at night.

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Mine runs on batteries. We lose power year round in our area, and the worse is when I go to bed and the wind is howling and the trees are bending to and fro. That's why I thought I'd keep it in the top bedroom dresser drawer by the bed. Also keep flashlights in several rooms and make sure the oil lamps are filled. Sure miss my little battery operated analog tv. Not only could I listen to the news and weather, I could also watch "Wheel of Fortune" and sometimes a PBS channel!

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