Can I ask you to vote.... rescue horses and help children

rilieDecember 4, 2012

Hi everyone.. I don't post here alot, I'm more of a lurker, but I'm hoping I can ask you a favor. :)

Aviva Insurance sponsors a contest for charitable organizations called the The Aviva Community Fund. Charities are invited to submit their info and profile, and then public voting begins. Charities are divided into small, medium and large and there are prizes for each category. There are two rounds of public voting. Every charity that makes it to the 'finalist' stage receives $5,000. The final grand-prize winners are hand picked from the finalists by a panel of judges chosen by Aviva.

I'm supporting a group called Earth Spirit Horse Rescue - The Compassion Project. They have made it into the semi-finals, trying to move on to be a finalist. I think they're such a worthwhile cause.... their goal is to rescue and rehabilitate abused and neglected horses... intending that, eventually, with patience and kindness and care, the horses will themselves become counselors of sorts. The rescue organization sponsors camps for underprivileged children and youth-at-risk who work with the horses learning about compassion, respect, trust, and second chances. I've copied this from the website:

The Problem: Part 1: Horses are the 3rd most abused and neglected animals in Canada, and our province has no official shelter dedicated to helping them. SPCAs only have shelters for small animals, and thousands of horses in our province are left suffering, without hope. Part 2: The New Brunswick youth incarceration rate in 2009 was three times higher than other provinces including Quebec and BC.

Who We Are: Earth Spirit Horse Rescue (ESHR) is a new non-profit organization dedicated to building a legacy of positive change in our province. We rescue & rehabilitate abused/neglected horses and partner them with youth in life changing programs, to create a better future for everyone.

Why your Help Matters: Not only will ESHR be the first therapeutic animal-rescue facility in NB, but it will also be one where youth-at-risk from across the province will come to experience the therapeutic benefits of working with rescue horses.

Building a Legacy of Positive Change: Through our Horse Wisdom Experiential Learning, youth work with rescued horses to learn about respect, emotional intelligence and compassion. Working together, they develop self-confidence, communication skills, and learn how to set and respect healthy boundaries - life-changing skills that will impact their whole future.

We bring youth together with horses, healing hearts & inspiring potential. It's a big vision, and one that will change & save countless lives as it is realized! Help us build a legacy of positive change.


There is lots more info, photos, a YouTube video, etc. at the link. This charity is fairly new so they're still experiencing many start-up costs - - they need to expand their facilities, etc. - plus, of course, the everyday costs of caring for the horses. This money would mean the world to them!

Voting is open until December 12, and if you are so inclined - - you can vote once per day. You do have to register on the site but they only ask for an email address and password. You can also vote through Facebook (a bit easier). If my link doesn't work you will be able to find them by searching for Idea #ACF13790. Thank you all so much for 'listening'. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Compassion Project

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I registered with my yahoo email address hours ago and still haven't gotten the acceptance. I do have a Facebook acct. but find them too invasive so stay logged out as much as possible. Reluctant to use it.

Just letting you know there's a problem. I'll try again, though.

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Interesting and frustrating. They already have someone with that email but when I try to use it to log in...they can't find it.

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Finally received confirmation and voted. Surprised more people didn't chime in. This is such a worthwhile endeavor.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I registered and voted with no problems and will try to vote daily for the remaining time.

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Voted today

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Sorry to bump this back to the first page, but I did want to say thank you to both of you. :)

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You're so welcome. I stopped bumping but didn't stop voting, and will be watching to see them announced as finalists.

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