It's going to rain, and I caused it.

sheilajoyce_gwDecember 12, 2012

I knew I would make it rain as a washed the windows two days ago. The sky is dark with a three day storm coming in. I did it.

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You're forgiven this time, just don't let it happen again.


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Look on the good side, clean windows look better after a rain than dirty ones.

We feed birds a few feet from our kitchen windows and they are always dirty because of the birds. You would think the birds would appreciate the free food and not dirty on my windows. lol I wash those windows at least 10 or more times than any other ones on the house.

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Sheila, if it rains there, please come here, and clean my windows too. We need the rain.

Washing the car didn't seem to do the trick in Oklahoma.


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We're supposed to get rain here in N Central MN this Saturday. Freezing rain. Our local businesses are having their annual Soup Walk that day, and if I can't get my soup fix because of the weather, I'm going to be crabby.

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Timing is important when performing a rain dance.

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Could you come wash my windows too?

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Much of the Midwest is in drought. Keep washin'!

We've had no snow to date in Chicagoland, with none forecast for the coming week either. Our weather patterns over the last few years are resembling Kentucky climes.

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