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goldyDecember 25, 2012

Any users out there? Would like to start the newyear with soft feet.Merry christmas and Happy new year.

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If you have a 'Sally's in your area they sell a brand ~Heel to Toe~that is in a purple bottle that works well. Put it on at night and socks~~~I think most lotions are good if used that way also;)

I use a pumice in the shower also works really well~~

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Sally's has this rough purple block in the pumice section. I'm not sure of the name or brand. It is the best thing I've found for rough feet. I use it after my feet have had a chance to soak in the water for a bit.

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I too use the purple pumice bar from Sally's in the shower. I put a little body wash or hair conditioner on it and scrub away. This seems to leave your heels a little smoother after using, kind of like using a finer grit sandpaper after you have used a courser grit. I always put just regular Johnson's Baby Lotion on my feet at night with a light pair of socks to sleep in . I also put a little of the same lotion on my feet in the morning before putting my socks for the day on. When I do go to the salon for a occasional pedicure they always tell me I have "baby soft feet". Sally's also has a Sally's card you can buy, it's 5.00 a year and you get an additiional discount on all their products. It more then pays for itself, for me anyway because I love all their nail files and a lot of their polishes. The pumice bars last forever too. I have attached the link to them..

Here is a link that might be useful: Purple Pumice Bar @ Sally's

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In addition... if you find the pumice stone leaves a rough feeling or a few rough edges after your feet are dry, which may happen the first few times you use it, if you have extremely rough heels, this is a file that will smooth them right down. Just use it after your feet have dried and it will smooth any rough edges right on off. It is about 1.5 inches wide and the regular length of a nail file and it is made for artificial nails but it's great for the heels...

Here is a link that might be useful: finishing file for after pumice stone

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