Do you know how to.............

JoAnn_FlaDecember 7, 2012

stop spam from coming in all day long? I have a ton of filters and the same ones get in anyway, no matter what I do or how I word it. I am just so sick of seeing them all everyday. I never used to have them at all.

That "Canadian Pharmacy" sends them everyday. What have I done to get these things?

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I've been getting the canadian pharmacy ones lately, grrrr

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm assuming in emails, right? Hotmail? Yahoo?

Here is a link that might be useful: Controlling Spam in Hotmail

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The only way I know to quit getting spam emails is to quit using email.

I get spam in most of my email accounts. Yes, not all, but most.

The one I use for the Kitchen Table doesn't get spam. I am still surprised about that.


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Those go straight to the spam folder in my Yahoo accounts. What email are you using?

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I use Yahoo and I get maybe a dozen a day. I enjoy clicking the check all, delete buttons and poof they are gone!

In my Thunderbird mail I get about the same amount. I look at the sender to be sure they are spam, because sometimes one that isn't shows up. Then just click to empty. Then there is junk mail. Do the same thing and again they are gone.

No biggie, and I have to think about the fact that some where the person who is sending these actually has a JOB and is WORKING.


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I have Yahoo, too. Most of the time it catches the spams, but every once in a while one sneaks through. Sue, deleting it will just delete that one message. Clicking on "Spam" gets rid of it.

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I use a separate email account for dealing with retailers, etc - just about any entity that is not a personal association. Have done this for years.

About once a week, I go through them, just in case.

BTW - I get at least 3 emails a day from Lands End, since Sears bought them. They have lost my business.

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patti43, when I click on Check all, a little check mark shows up on each one; then click on Delete all and they are gone, all at once. Then I sit there and marvel at what a fantastic thing a computer is!

I didn't know about clicking on Spam. Thanks.


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