Tis also the season...

hounds_x_twoDecember 8, 2012

for colds and flu!

What are your tried and true remedies that make you feel better when you have a yucky cold/flu?

I believe in fresh ginger and lemon tea with a little honey.

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Been taking C forever and ever.

Believer in Airborne when I feel one coming on or take it as a preventive measure when I am going places that I might be susceptible.

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I too take Airborne and got my flu shot.


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Vitamin C and if I even suspect I've come in contact with someone who has a cold, I double up on it.

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Hand washing and keeping your hands away from my eyes works for me.

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Hand washing and vitamin C. Change the hand towels frequently, or just put out paper towels too.

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Vitamin C for sure and flu shot.

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Flu shot -- pneumonia shot too if you haven't had one before. Wash your hands often -- ALWAYS, first thing when returning home. Don't touch your face.

I think it is unproven that vitamins aid in a medical sense, but if you believe they do...they do!

I've sometimes chewed a bit of candied ginger to settle a sick tummy. Tea is always good. Honey...not sure about that. If you're taking any antibiotics, counteract them with some probiotics to restore the good bugs.

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