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mary3444December 12, 2012

First let me say I am not good on the computer. On Mon I went on my g-mail account, I also have google chrome now for some reason I can't get into my g-mail. When I hit mail it downloads the mail but I can't see it-I have a blank page. On top I see how many e-mails I have with the envelope closed, also there is something that looks like a lock & that is closed. I can't find any help on the computer so I hope one of you can help. Thanks in advance

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1. Try changing your zoom level. (click on the wrench and adjust)

2. Try hitting the F11 key.

3. Try using another browser. (IE, Firefox..)


How to Fix a Blank Screen on Chrome

By Alex Zang, eHow Contributor , last updated April 17, 2012
you use Google Chrome as your Internet browser, one problem you may encounter is the blank screen when you try to access your Gmail account. If this happens to you, the likely cause is that either the original installation didn't work properly, or you've downloaded one or more extensions that conflict with Gmail -- usually an extension dealing with Javascript. The simplest solution to this problem is simply to download and re-install Google Chrome.

1 Go to

2 Click "Download Google Chrome."

3 Click "Accept and Install."

4 Launch Google Chrome.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Google had a major shutdown including all gmail they say it was not a hacker, that it was caused by their sync servers crashing. But there seems to be lingering issues. My husband has a notice on his saying not available or something.

I would first, clear the cache and cookies on your browser. It might help. Also trying another browser.
If you need instructions tell what browser and version you are using.

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