Gorgeous springerle rolling pin

sheilajoyce_gwDecember 5, 2012

If you have any cooks on your Christmas list, let me recommend what I just saw at the King Arthur's site, a exquisite springerle rolling pin to bake picture cookies. I have had my springerle rolling pin for over 40 years, but this one is just so much more beautiful and a worthy gift. It is pricey at about $64, but something special like this is perfect for a gift at the holidays.

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I saw that pin and drooled. I've been making springerle (or trying to)for about ten years and I use a flat wooden hand-carved mold that has six pictures on it. I've never used a rolling pin. I would think it would be more difficult than a flat mold.

It's a very time consuming job to make these cookies, but so enjoyable to put on a plate and hear people say "Did you make these?" I love the anise taste with a cup of coffee.

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I have always used the rolling pin. I roll out the dough thicker than I want it with a regular rolling pin, then I slowly and very firmly roll the springerle pin over the dough, cut them into squares with a pizza cutter, and voila. I have always thought the little molds would take longer.

I think you need to put one on your Christmas list!

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Thanks. When will you be sending it to me? I'll watch in the mail. LOL

My dough is usually fairly stiff, and I roll it probably thinner than I should. Sometimes it is difficult to get that impression in and I have been know to use a very small hammer. I do cut mine with the pizza cutter or with my metal bench scraper. My mold is about 5 by 7 and has six pictures.

They are lovely cookies.

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