Cookies; oil or butter for "crisp"?

caroline94535December 18, 2012

Can you refresh my old, tired mind? I know if you use (butter or oil) in a cookie recipe the cookie will be moist or crisp.

Which do I use to make "crisp" cookies?

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Butter for crisp cookies. Better flavor, too! :)

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Well, I'd use butter over the oil since oil in there seems to always come out greasy for me, but when it comes to peanut butter cookies, I use shortening. They're crumbly that way. Using butter, they're softer. My sister will often mix butter and shortening.

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I do half butter and half butter Crisco (sticks) - makes for a great cookie, but softer. I prefer softer cookies.

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I only use butter. I think it depends on the cookie and how you bake it, whether it is crisp or not.

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I can't tell you how many many years it's been since I've
purchased and Crisco. LOL So I was going to tell you
butter! lol

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