Rod Serling's Christmas Carol

azzaleaDecember 16, 2012

I've never see it, but apparently in 1964 Rod Serling wrote his version of A Christmas Carol. it's called "Carol for another Christmas". My daughter came across information about it and it's supposed to be an extremely good movie (can't personally vouch for it yet).

It will be on at 8 Eastern Time on TCM if anyone else is interested.

HAS anyone else seen it? What did you think?

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I saw the title while channel surfing awhile ago, I'm going to see what it's like.

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Thanks for the heads up. I just set the recorder.

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Did anyone watch it? What's the verdict?

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Just answered on the other thread about it.

It was not as creepy as I'd have expected. Basically it was UN propaganda. Definitely an unusual version, a number of fairly big (at the time) stars. We did feel it was historically and politically, a very important show to see, but not particularly a 'feel good' Christmas movie.

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