Another thing I don't see anymore

CynicDecember 13, 2012

Aunt Sally cookies. Those rectangular molasses cookies with the white icing. Used to get those as a kid. Weren't a favorite until I got older, then when I got to the point I really enjoyed them they disappeared. You can make them, I know, but that's not the point.

Archway has a small round iced molasses cookie that's very much like them for when I really want them.

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been away from ca for 25 years but i still miss van de camp baked goods..don't think they're around anymore?

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Susan, I miss Van de Camps New Orleans Style beans. Always used them for making chili.

A while back I knew of a website where you could find a lot of the good products that we used to get. Problem was if they had what you wanted, you had to buy a case, not a couple cans. Don't remember the name of it, but it isn't the one that is still (I think) on line, not Vermont Country Store or something like that.

So many good products have gone by the wayside. My DS and I have always loved Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers. Never bought any other brand. Now the boxes say Original, with sea salt, and the crackers are thinner and not like they were. UGH! Planters Cashews, with sea salt. Won't be buying any more of either one.

And so it goes.


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I've had no luck finding Voortman 'Windmill' cookies. DH and I think that if we like something, that's a signal to the maker to discontinue it. (We snapped up two tins of Walker's shortbread cookies at Costco recently.) I WAS happy to find Voortman 'Gingerbread Boys', but there was no stollen in the grocery. What are they waiting for?

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

Home Goods and Marshall's carry Walker's shortbread. I don't know about the windmill cookies, but now I want some!

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Chisue, if you have one near you, head to Aldi's for the Stollen. Really good and made in Germany.

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I remember the windmill cookies and think I might have even seen them in the past few years but I'm not sure. And no idea if it was Voortman's. Not sure I ever had any of them.

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I've seen Van de Camps around here in Ohio.

I remember Voortman's cookies. I used to get the windmills for the kids out of self serve bins at the grocery. It seems like I saw Vortman's cookies recently, but I can't tell you where or what kind.

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pkramer -- I'll have to keep my eye peeled for an Aldi's. There aren't any near my house.

woodsy1 -- We stock up on Walker's shortbreads when Costco has the 4.6 lb. tins on sale before Christmas. They're less expensive in bulk -- but these were $20 a tin! DH and I have a cup of tea and a cookie most afternoons while we watch somthing on the DVR or a DVD. Two tins will see us through most of a year, with some other treats in between.

tami_ohio -- No more bins of Voortman's cookies -- just packaged in rolls now. Probably a 'sanitation' issue, eh? I like their cranberry/flaxseed variety. Their (now missing) packaged windmills were shaped in 'rounds' instead of the distinctive shape. It's a rather bland taste, but about right for someone who loved Necco Wafers as a kid. (Blech!)

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If you have a world market near you, they have the walkers and stollen there for the holidays. All kinds of different things I haven't seen in years, for the holidays.

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Thanks, cwnev. I have a World Market not very far away from home! I just thought that the local groceries' bakeries would have made stollen -- or at least there would be some there from Heinemann's. I'm not crazy about 'fruitcake', but I like stollen -- and DH doesn't, so I get it ALL!

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remember Camp Fire Girl cookies?

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not the cookies, but we sold mints. They were awesome!

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I don't remember the cookies, but I was a Bluebird -- and 'flew up' to be a Camp Fire Girl. (AGES ago!)

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The mints. If I'm thinking of the right ones, they were about the diameter of a GS "mint" cookie but about 1/2" thick. Can't remember for sure where they came from but you rattled a memory of a GREAT mint.

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