This year's ornaments from the party... many photos...

FlamingO in ARDecember 19, 2012

Here are the ornaments from this year's party- would you like to guess which one is mine?

The party was loads of fun! Good friends, good fun, a little wine, lots of laughs. And I brought Woody home a plate of treats, so he was happy, too.

Click on this photo for more info, and on the sign if you care.

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i love your peanut guys!! :)

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I was thinking about your ornament party the other day and hoping you'd post You are all so creative! I love the washer snowman--who'd have thought? Bet you had a lot of fun with your exchange! Your peanut reindeer are amazing! I would've probably eaten most of the peanuts during the making of those ornaments, though.

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I've been looking forward to your "ornament post." They are all wonderful. I pegged you for the peanuts, too.

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so cool! I want to come next year! lol
I LOVE the invitation, or announcement!

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I was wondering if I had missed the party post. I look forward to this each year.

If I ever make it our your way, you will have to decorate your tree, even if it is in the middle of the summer. I bet it is beautiful!

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I am curious....that round ornament with the pastel looking multicoloured is it made?

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks, everyone, for the interest in the ornament party. Heather, that one is made from melted beads, she used a muffin tin and a metal bead for the hanger hole, as that wouldn't melt.

Patti, the lady that made the washer snowman? She always uses SOMETHING from the hardware store, that's her claim to fame. LOL She is very clever. And everyone was supposed to get 2 snowmen and a reindeer, but Woody ate too many of the peanuts! Men, ha!

Yep, I did the peanuts, ideas from Pinterest, of course.

Janie, I hate to say this out loud, but we don't decorate anymore for Christmas, too many unruly cats. I just seem to collect great ornaments. Occasionally I'll share a few with good friends, so they get used. I keep going to the party though, because it's so fun and I have such a good time and some of those people, I only see once a year!

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The little bird in the nest is utterly adorable! I wish I could take him home!

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Awesome! I so want to make the peanut hummingbird for my aunt as I know she would love it, but alas she is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. I tried to make one from a packing peanut, but that did not turn out so well LOL!


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Too cute! I'm going to show these to dd when she wakes up. The kids are out for Christmas. I want to get back into the tradition of making ornaments for Christmas with them like I did when they were little.

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Oh, I can related to the unruley cats- this is the first time in 10 years we have tree lights. Elmo seems to have outgrown his desire to electrocute himself by eating wires (hoping I am not jinxing things typing this!).

Dances, could you make a peanut out of brown clay or find plaster peanuts online?

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FlamingO in AR

I agree with Janie, make some peanuts using Sculpy or paper mache, Dances.

I hope Elmo stays safe this year, yikes! Make sure you unplug those lights when you're not around, Janie.

Ideas for the peanut ornies came from pinterest.

Adella- get the unsalted, roasted peanuts. Hobby Lobby has that cool yarn, it's by Yarn Bee, Chrysalis/california sister is the color, it's variegated and wild! Here's a link to the directions for the snowmen.

On the reindeer, I used little red brad things for the noses, coated wire for the antlers, chenille stems for the ears. And spray varnish.

Here is a link that might be useful: snowmen peanut tute

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good morning, Flamey.

How about buying a frame and putting all of the decorations
from that year into a frame and hanging them, or displaying them on tabletops at Christmas time. Some
years you might need a larger frame, other years, maybe not!

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I would have guessed you made the little personalized pillow.....because my thinking was backwards. Your name was on it because you received the ornament. Duh.....there's a reason why they have blonde jokes. LOL

I always enjoy your annual ornament party pics!

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks, ladies. That's a great idea, Kat! I can't put them on a table, I have too many trouble-making cats for that. I can't have anything nice out anymore, seems like. Brat cats! LOL

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kats are good! not bratty!

you could easily hang them on the wall temporarily
with those wall hangers hmmm can't remeber the name of
them, the ones that you pull on the sticky tab to remover
from the wall. I've never had a problem sith them marring
the wall at all.

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Love them Flamey! Look forward to them every year!!

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