What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43December 20, 2012

It's just leftover chowder here. I laid down for a quick nap at 4:00 and just now woke up. Geez!

I made loaves of pumpkin bread today, got out all the recipes I will need between tomorrow and Christmas and made my lists.

What are you doing today? Hope your dinner is more exciting than mine!!

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Hartley's Down Home Cooking for a fried chicken breast and green beans.

Shopped at WalMart and stopped by Yogurt Twists for yummy yummy to the tummy eggnog yogurt.

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I had meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. I won't call it 'exciting', but it was good comfort food.


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A neighbor gave me a couple of bunches of gorgeous leeks, so it was leek and potato soup with English muffins tonight. And we'll be having leek quiche over the weekend.

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Glenda, that sohnds good. It's been ages since I've had fried chicken :-(

Shirley, that's just about a perfect comfort food dinner by my book. That's what my mother would cook on a cold winter night. Yum!

Azzalea, I've never used leeks before. I think I'm afraid I won't get them clean enough and get a mouthful of sand. I have some good-sounding recipes that use them; just haven't done it yet. Are they as hard to clean as I've been led to believe?

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A few weeks ago I made a different dinner every night and then froze the other half. So tonight we are having pot roast and garlic bread. Works for me during a busy week before Christmas.

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Tonight I had a ham and cheese omelet with English muffin. Last night we had tuna spaghetti-tomato sauce has tuna instead of meat. This is a family tradition for my husband from the days when Catholics fasted on Christmas Eve. He is one of 5 and they all stayed here and raised families. his mother made and served this every Christmas Eve, everyone rushed in from work, gulped the food down, left for mass and later had a party at one of their houses. When I came in as a second wife, I incurred some initial resistance when I asked them to change the night as I had family in town too. Now we pick the night when most people can come. So we had about 30 people here last night and I used paper plates for the first time! We had such a good time. Hubby and I bought a small present and had all the adults submit their names for a raffle. People are so funny; they got quite a kick out of it. Have you all fallen asleep yet?

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dh had a root emergency canal yesterday so still doing "softer foods" fish and steamed vwggies...

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DH will Bar b Que pork chops he was supposed to do Tues night~~he will throw on yams or sweet potatoes also. I will do a meat replacement item~~~I will steam a fresh veggie, cut up some fresh veggies to eat instead of a salad~~I also will slice up a couple of fresh pears I have that need to go;)

I try to eat as clean as possible, not many spices or sauces ever. I want to quit my meat replacements, but not sure what to make instead~~~I am just a newbie at being a vegetarian so I will get there someday;) If DH was a vegetarian also, it would be easier, but that will never happen;) I am lucky that he does not mind eating simple like I want too.

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Just tomato soup & a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. DH isn't feeling good so he doesn't want anything. I did buy us a treat - Edy's Peppermint Ice Cream! I'll have a little of that for dessert. We never keep ice cream at home, but I can't resist this stuff once a year. Tomorrow night we are going a special Christmas candlelight dinner at one of the historic houses downtown.

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Pam, your omelet sure sounds good. In our family, we always went to my grandmother's for oyster soup for Christmas eve. Now you can imagine how thrilled we kids were over that! We used to eat the liquid part and give my father the oysters. He loved them! I like your story and hearing different family traditions.

Susan, hope your DH is doing well. And I really hope he'll be able to have some holiday goodies.

YogaLady, I think it would be hard to kick the meat habit and have to learn how to get all the nutrition I needed in a day. Did you read any books about it before you went vegetarian? My nephew's wife is vegetarian and now going vegan. Geez, I thing vegetarian would be hard enough. Do you feel better than you did before? Sorry for the questions but I'm curious. Try to have one meatless meal a week around here. And sometimes I succeed!

Kittiemom, I call that comfort food, too. Love the combination. Sure hope your DH is feeling better tomorrow so he can enjoy your special dinner. That sounds so nice and very romantic! I'm with you as far as the peppermint ice cream goes. I have it on my list for tomorrow. Woohoo!!

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Patti, leeks aren't too bad to clean. Just fill a big bowl with cold water, cut the leeks in half lengthwise, then slice crosswise. Dump them in the bowl and swish them around a bit, loosening the rings, so they're all separate. The dirt falls to the bottom, the leeks float, so you just have to scoop them up from the top, leaving the dirt behind

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I find leeks not so dirty anymore. perhaps they clean them somewhat.

We had a Christmas dinner to go to tonight. Went to friends for cocktails, then we all went to the club for dinner and after another friends for dessert. I had a fish stew for dinner. It was very tasty.

Shirley, meatloaf is one of my favorite meals. I don't make it that often so it remains a real treat for us.

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