What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43December 26, 2012

We have leftover sausage/hash brown casserole so I'm just waming some of that up. We'll have rolls and broccoli or something green.

What are you having tonight?

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DD#2 brought over a slice of her Christmas morning quiche she made yesterday~~I will eat that. DH will have ham and what ever other leftovers he wants.

Tomorrow is his BDay. 4 year old GD will be coming to stay a few nightas and we are going our to my sons, so he can take his dad out for a big ole steak~~~I get to pick from whatever sides they have to make up my meal. Places need to get with it and have at least a veggie burger in their freezers to make me a sandwich;(

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Neighbor friend came for leftover Christmas: jerk chicken wrap, coconut rice, plantains, blackeye peas.

She's a fabulous cook and she brought a fresh apple strudel she made from scratch this morning.

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My son was going to bring over some of his Christmas leftovers, but ended up having to go into work. I had planned that for tonight, but I rarely have a problem with having to go with a plan b. I made some ground turkey gravy. I ate it just plain, didn't put it over anything as I also had mac and cheese, with a side dish of steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


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We are having Chicken Scarpariello and an antipasto salad. I left the potatoes out of it because I'd rather have a side of penne pasta. I also made a casserole for the freezer and one for DS to take home with him. Lots of browning!

glenda, I love apple strudel. I haven't made it since a year ago October when I had an October fest dinner.

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We are having leftover prime rib, baked potato, wonderful carrots, rolls and pie.

Been a very quiet day here just reading and playing on the computer. Also got a present in the mail from Germany (German treats) that was unexpected. Neighbor's daughter stopped by with a gift (Willow angel) thanking me for the pralines that I always bring over to her folks for her. Nice surprises and very appreciated.

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I stopped and got Chinese food on the way home. Awful day today, was supposed to leave at 4:00 but didn't get out of there till 5:00. I just didn't feel like cooking.

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We didn't want leftovers so it was microwaved scrambled eggs on toast with cheese and hot tea to drink. He also had pecan pie.


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YogaLady, you might call the restaurant and ask about vegetarian entrees. They may have them but not on the menu. Same with gluten-free. If nothing else, it may put the idea in their heads.

Glenda, what a nice way to use your leftovers. Plus you got apple strudel for dessert. Win, win situation!

Shirley, sorry your son had to work, but that's what happens when holidays fall in the middle of the week. Your dinner sounds good anyway. Glad somebody's brain is working today :-)

Gosh, Georgysmom! Aren't you tired of cooking yet? I made a vow to myself to keep it simple next year and I'm making one kind of cookie and one batch of fudge. I need to write myself a note and stick it in with the Christmas decorations when I put them away, so I'll remember next year. LOL!

Nita, sounds delicious. I read about how you cooked the prime rib at TMH. That's how I did my last one. I got the directions from Ravencajun and it was just perfect. Sounds really strange, but I will only cook it that way from now on.

Kathleen, are you in the "zone" for the blizzard? Chinese sounds good. I'd love a big bowl of egg drop soup. Kick back and relax now.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Using my new cooker I got for Christmas, this time I have a shells pasta with ground beef, onions, black olives, garlic, and parmesan cheese with sauce. I sampled it and it tasted yummy, have a loaf of garlic bread to go with it.

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Hi Nita; could you share your prime rib prep here, too. Mine was "good," but fell short of what I was expecting. It is partly the butcher's fault, but that's for a different topic.

For dinner tonight I made a pot of soup from the leftover ribs and meat of my roast, too. I cut off as much fat as possible, then simmered the bones and meat until all the meat fell off the bones. Removed and chopped the meat, tossed the bones, and set the broth aside to let the fat rise and harden. Scooped that off and then added fresh carrots, parsnips, celery, potatoes, leek, onion, black beans, thyme, and parsley. It is g-o-o-d!

Before serving I'll top it with a swirl of sour cream and diced green onions.

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Steak, baked potato, yellow & orange sauteed carrots & red wine.

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