What's for dinner Christmas Day?

patti43December 25, 2012

Is anyone else tired of being in the kitchen? I feel like I spent the whole week in there. It was a nice Christmas here. Talked to my daughter by phone earlier. She has to work tomorrow but they had Christmas dinner last night at her MIL's (she lives next door) and then again today for leftovers. They had a nice day. Two of Harry's siblings called and one of mine. Not had that many calls for a long time. Harry's daughter and we are going to Skype a little later this evening. They live in CA so the time difference is still hard to get used to.

We're having a pretty simple dinner--surf & turf, a Caesar salad, Chicago rolls from Publix and peppermint ice cream. We'll have a cuppa eggnog for an appetizer--haha! I made brunch this morning. Sausage hash brown casserole, rolls since I didn't realize I was out of biscuits;( Had a Bloody Mary, too.

I'm so over being in the kitchen. What are you having tonight?

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Patti: I've been fortunate in that mine has been spread around since the 16th. Also, I've only had to take some side dishes to someone else's place.

I've been home all day, but like you, had more phone calls than I get in a couple of weeks in one day.

I made corn chowder today. Along with that I thawed out some already cooked shrimp. That's a special treat I give myself every Christmas.

Surf and turf sounds terrific.


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Well we haven't eaten yet. Still waiting on Bobby and Amber to call. I have a prime rib in the oven and it smells divine. I have my carrots half done and the baking potatoes are ready for the microwave. Got the salad all made and the table set. Just need a call so Mike can go collect them.

I told Mike that they will have to wait until after dinner to open their presents since I plan on having dinner on the table a little after 5:30, it is just about 4 now.

The house smells of Christmas with the Wassail in the crock pot simmering.

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Fellas were extra late coming, so we didn't dine until 2ish, and was delicious! They just left as we are under tornado warnings.

We thoroughly enjoyed the jerk chicken. I shredded the chicken and served it warm tortilla with sour cream and chutney.

Coconut rice with toasted coconut was delicious! Other eatings was good as well.

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Kept it very simple....prime tenderloin roast, with mushrooms and onions. baked potato, steamed asparagus w/hollandaise sauce and a green salad. Christmas Ice cream cake for dessert.

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Oh and my fried plantains turned out just right. Never cooked them before and they were tasty.

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OH Glenda we love fried plantains~~~seems we can never cook enough to eat with dinner, when everyone eats ASAP out of the frying pan!

DS just left to go to his in-laws for dinner (his wife is a nurse and had to work today she will meet him there). He came here for grilled sausages for lunch with DH and to wrap gifts for the inlaws;)

DD#2 is on the way over with her BF~~they will mess up my kitchen again same, as on the 23rd with their veggie cooking. Tonight it will be pizza's. We offered to drive to their place but her BF loves my new oven for cooking his pizza's.~~~All Hearts Come Home For Christmas~~~saying on a towel DD#2 gave me;)

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The neighbor up the road invited me to Christmas dinner at noon with she and some of her family. I was thankful but declined. Then she said since it would be just her later why not come up for supper around 6pm. for leftovers. So I did. Typical (but good) fare: turkey, dressing, swt.pot, mash.pot, corn, green beans, and rolls. Plus butterscotch pie.

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We had ham, broccoli casserole, corn casserole, scalloped potatoes and apple pie. I, too, am sick of cooking. I was in the kitchen most of the day today between breakfast, lunch and dinner. DS will be here one more day and after that, I'm not cooking for a week! Plenty of salad fixin's and DH knows how to make that. I'm going on strike.

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Fa ra ra! Chinese for dinner tonight!

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We do a traditional Italian Christmas with baked clams, stuffed mushrooms, huge antipasto platters, shrimp scampi then out comes lasagna, meatballs, sausages, braccoli, salad, bread...after comes comes the fruit and nuts and finally pastries for dessert with expresso. I'm stuffed and tired from cooking for days! ;)

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I worked all day in the kitchen and this is what I took to Amber's.

Beef Manhattan
with gravy
Mashed potatoes
Candied sweet potatoes
Green Beans
Relish plate
Cran Apple salad
Yeast Rolls
Turtle Pie
Lemon Bundt cake
Strawberry pinwheel cookies
Iced Tea
and two kinds of candy.

We ate around six this evening.

I am tired and going to head up to bed really soon.


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Forgot I also took Oreo Cream Cheese Balls.


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We had way too much food. After having a huge family breakfast, we opened gifts. GD and her DH went to his parents and everyone else stayed for a meal around 5 p.m. 2 DD's and I (mostly them) started the evening meal. I chopped a lot of parsley and a good bit of minced garlic...honing my knife skills. LOL It was a leisurely afternoon and I enjoyed the time spent with them. Everyone contributed to the meal. In the end we had:

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with 2 sauces, gorgonzola and horseradish
Gruyere potatoes
Green Beans
Corn Pudding
Green salad with toasted pecans and pomgrante seeds
Cranberry Jello Salad with pecans, orange and apple
Deviled eggs
Homemade Rolls

Iced tea, wine and coffee

For dessert, DDIL made a chocolate cream pie and a brown sugar cream pie which were barely touched.

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Dinner was Country ham, rolls, twice baked potatoes, green beans, broccoli and something casserole, spoon bread, BBQ meatballs, hot punch. We no longer do the "way too much food" meals, but decide ahead who is doing what.

DGD brought many, many cupcakes and DD brought Spritz, because I don't make them any more.

Note: I learned that at the end of the day at the Cupcake shop any leftovers are thrown away. This being their first holiday, it was hard to know how many to bake. I suggested they bring the extras here, so they did, about 5 dozen, which I sent to our Assisted Living unit. I'm sure the folks there appreciated them.


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Sue, we decide ahead "who does what" as well but then DH puts his 2 cents worth in, wanting turkey so he can have sandwiches later, so that calls for dressing and the first thing you know there's too much food. Too many females in the family catering to their "Papa". We HAVE spoiled him.

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We had Christmas dinner with the neighbors on the Saturday before Christmas. With their work schedules it was the only day we'd all be available until after the 25th.

I provided the dinner, but due to health issues I couldn't get our house "Christmas ready" and didn't even want to bother with a tree.

It was my time to host. She kept insisting she would happily do it, but I wanted her to enjoy the dinner. We compromised. I provided the raw ingredients and cooked the roast. She proviced the dining room, ambiance, and help in her kitchen!

I bought and prepared a standing rib roast and (the best ever!) Yorkshire puddings. I added carrots and brussel's sprouts to the roast.

They had their house and trees (yes; plural) decorated to the nines. I washed and prepped broccolli in a steam pan, and filled a basket with yukon gold potatoes, the mixer (I'm giving her one of her own for her Feb. birthday), butter, cheese sauce, foil wrapped French bread, and a tray of olives and stuffed celery, and had her come get them. She fixed those sides. I brought the roast, carrots, and sprouts over when it was finished and made the Yorkshire puds in her oven.

It was a marvelous dinner, if I say so myself. LOL

We shared the leftovers. I've spent all evening making a soup out of the rib bones, left-over meat, and all sorts of fresh veggies. I have carrots, potatoes, celery, leeks, onion, black beans, parsnips, thyme, and parsley all simmering in the slow-simmered, defatted broth. I chopped all the left over meat and added that in too.

I love soups, especially on these very cold evenings.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!
Had dinner at my son's house on Long Island. Everything was soo
good. We started with shrimp,lobster then into lasagna then Prime
Rib,sweet potato casserole and bread stuffing allong with corn n
Green beans. Dessert was bread pudding, fruit salad,cookies
N cake.

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