What's for dinner Monday?

patti43December 3, 2012

Been a busy day, but I learned something. If I'm going to be busy lifting much, if I take 2 Aleve in the morning I'm good to go. I just hate taking meds, but I worked like a dog today and still don't have a back ache. And I can't believe how much I got done today. Woo hoo!

Now I need a magic pill to keep me from getting tired, and another to make me sleep all night :-)

We're just having the other half of our Wendy's from last night. We got the new CBO, which is 1/3 lb. hamburger with cheese, bacon and carmelized onion. Should've just ordered one and split it, but we didn't know it was so big. Sure was good, but no way either of us could eat it all.

Did you have a good day? Hope everyone had a happy one! And, what are you having for dinner tonight?

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Springtime here! Beautiful weather!

Irondale Cafe/Whistle Stop: fried chicken livers, carrot salad, and of course their yummy cornbread

Been there too many times lately, but had appointment to get my will updated and office was so close, how could I pass up eating there, right?

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All I had tonight was leftover chili and a glass of milk.

I'd love to have a helping of Glenda's chicken livers.


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I wish two Aleve would solve my back aches. I have been moving things about today and I can sure tell it. Supper was oven fried fish, fried potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits and lemon pie.


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Glenda, oh my gosh! That all sounds wonderful. I do need to make that cornbread again soon. Isn't the weather just wonderful? I love it!

Shirley, chili only gets better the more you reheat. I'll be making some as soon as it cools off a little--or maybe before.

Sue, my back pain is really in the muscles just below my waist, so it really isn't back, but muscle. But it sure can hurt. I think it's either arthritis or sciatica but that Aleve sure did help. Oven-frying is about the only way I do fish anymore. It's so good. I'd love to have your dinner.

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Can't think of anyplace I would like to go eat tonight so we are having leftover last night. Ribs, rice and a veggie.

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Beer cheese soup and popcorn shrimp here.

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Nita, you're the birthday girl, so you get to eat whatever/wherever you want. My new frig sure seems empty. I sure had a devil of a time getting it organized the best way for us. Did you?

Phyllis, I haven't had beer cheese soup for so long. That sure sounds yummy. (My stomach just "roared" and I know I'm not hungry. It just sounds so great!

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Based on a meal a few days ago at an Afghani restaurant, and leftover "fiery sweet potatoes", I made Tandoori chicken cubes, curried sweet potatoes with a mint yogurt sauce and basmati rice. For a pulled-out-of-fridge, slapped together meal, it was delicious.

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Bob, that doesn't sound like "slapped together". It sounds wonderful do you have a Tandoori pot/oven or whatever they're called? Basmati's my favorite rice. Hope you'll join us every night--and on the many other posts, too. We welcome you!!

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I just had a jar of tandoori paste that you mix with plain yogurt and dredged the chicken cubes in the mixture and cooked in the oven in a baking pan for about 20 minutes.

The Fiery Sweet Potatoes were from a recipe I got on the Cooking Forum and made for Thanksgiving. I tried the recipe again and was trying to simplify the process from the original recipe, and reduce the size, since the original recipe called for 5 lbs of sweet potatoes. This batch ended up a little too spicy, and the mint yogurt sauce helped tone them down.

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