What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43December 13, 2012

Gosh, time sure flies this time of year. We finally got the tree up. It's so pretty even without any decorations. I'll do that tomorrow. Cleaned today and I'm tired.

We're having leftover bean soup and Glenda's cornbread for dinner. It was so good last night so I'm hopin' it's even better tonight.

Are you close to being ready for Christmas? I feel like I'm slowly catching up. It's such a busy time--oh, and what are you having for dinner?

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Oh a piece of buttered warm cornbread sounds so good right now.

Brava today! Their rotisserie chicken salad with almonds, golden raisins, honey mayo, with pita wedges and caesar salad was exactly what I wanted.

Started and ended my Christmas shopping today. You can tell I'm not doing much!

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Burger King Whopper, they had a special. Buy one get second for 55 cents. I can't eat a whole one but it's still cheaper than a Whopper Jr. Me and Duray...Lauren went to Qdoba with her girlfriends. I think they're trying to cheer her up.

I just got back from Frankfort and some little Christmas shopping. I ran out of time and energy to get more gift wrap...so that will have to wait.

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I was going to yoga tonight (but want to do Christmas stuff instead) I made a beef stew in the slow cooker for my DH and decided to try making my 1st ever veggie soup/stew. I put veggie broth in a pan, threw in all of the same veggies for his stew, adding some butternut squash to both and kale. I though hmm I need more in mine~~I added Tofurky Italian sausage, It looked so good, I could not wait so I had a bowl for lunch;) YUMMY! I did not like the texture of the sausage, I will cut it up smaller next time~~the flavor it add was so great!!

Now I am enjoying a cup or two of DD Pumkin Spice coffee;)

Life Is Good

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Just cabbage soup with a bagel and cheese today.
It was a beautiful day, sunny and a high of 6C. So I washed the car when I got home. It sure needed it. I was out on an app't last Saturday and my GPS took me down a gravel road.....wet, muddy and potholes and my car was dirty down both sides. Glad I had the weather to wash it!

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I decided to use Stouffer's tonight....Creamed Chipped Beef. I put it over a potato. Had mixed vegetables too.


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Chicken Marsala. My house and yard are decorated. Much of my shopping is done. I seem to be buying fewer things, partially because I have decided I do not need to buy multiple gifts for so many people. Late next week there will be a big push to get the food together. I have already ordered shrimp and crab for Christmas Eve.

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I've been cooking today for tomorrow. DH had a bit of steak this afternoon so we will just have soup tonight. There's some left over pea soup in the refrigerator and some white chile , too. That's it for us. Last night's dinner was wonderful. We had appetizers here. I made some marinated shrimp with mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts, mushroom croustades, hot crab salad in phyllo cups, a cheese ball, spiced pecans, and cosmopolitans. there was champagne, white wine, red wine and anything else one might like to drink. Then, we were off to my favorite restaurant. Most had the twin filet plate, I had filet and crab cake. It was a lovely evening.

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Glenda, wish you were closer--we'd share the cornbread and the soup! I like chicken salad and make it more ways than Monday. Sometimes curry, sometimes tarragon--but it's all good.

Kath, sometimes I think it hurts us parents just as much as our kids when they're hurting. Not a good time to tell your GF you want to break up. Thank God for girl friends!!

YogaLady, both stews sound really good. Nothing better than a lot of veggies (and meat, in my case) on a cold winter night. I don't drink coffee any more, but that pumpkin spice sure sounds warming and calming. (Which I could use a little of right now.)

Jasdip, "just" cabbage soup?? I love that stuff and have it in the winter for a meatless meal--don't know what you put in yours though. It's delicious! Don't even make me think of our car. It's just awful!

How was that chipped beef, Shirley? I've seen it and I've never tasted a bad Stouffer dish. Haven't tried that one, though. I like chipped beef over toast.

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Patti, mine is a meal-in-a-bowl. Potatoes, carrots, celery, ground beef, and cabbage. Very filling.

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Well, I did not stay home today, I had planned to, but Amber called, she had stepped on one of Alyssa's toys and retwisted her knee and Alyssa is teething. So Cheryl and I spent most of the day there. I took the ingredients to make a pasta bake and fixed it there, that was lunch. When I finally got home I just had an Old Fashion loaf lunch meat sandwich. No, I am not ready for Christmas, I am not home long enough to get much done. I have had a cold the past couple of days so that makes it harder, so I am headed to bed soon.


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Last night I made some chicken tetrazinni that had cauliflower in it. It was good and made a lot, so had left overs for supper and cheesecake.

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Pam, chicken Marsala is a special dinner around here. Harry loves it. I even bought a bottle of Marsala and then figured out it tastes just like sherry. You put me to shame. The only outside decoration I have is the berry wreath on the door. I've been using it for about 5 years, and it sheds those "berries" every year. One of these days it's gonna look like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. But so far, so good!

Georgysmom, your appetizers would be a meal for me. I'm surprised anyone could eat a meal after all those. It sounds like a fun evening was had by all of you. And today you are cooking for yet another party?? You little old social butterfly, you. Enjoy every moment!

Oh Sue, Amber surely didn't need to hurt her knee again. Hope it's better tomorrow. Sure hope you aren't catching cold and that a good night's sleep will make you feel better. If not, baby yourself tomorrow and let others take care of you. Don't need you sick at Christmas!!

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Marilyn, I remember making turkey tetrazzini after T-giving years ago from a recipe in the peper. It was really good, but I lost it and haven't had it since. Sure sounds good. I love anything that makes more than one meal at a time :0

P.S. Your Christmas card makes me smile!

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