What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43December 6, 2012

Sorry I missed you all last night. By the time we got finished with our errands, which included a dreaded trip to Wal-Mart, it was 6:00 so we stopped at Chili's for dinner. I sure hope I don't have to go back to WM until next year at this time. Too big and too many people!

Tonight we're having leftovers from last night. Harry had the chicken-bacon-ranch quesadillas and I had a grilled chicken sandwich. I cut my sandwich in half because it was so large I knew there was no way I could eat it all. The only good thing I can say about restaurants--and they all serve too much food except a few of the more expensive ones--is that I don't have to cook the next day!

What are you been doing today and what's for dinner?

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I just ordered pizza and it will be delivered. Patti, do you do your food shopping at Walmart? We have one nearby (about 9 miles), but I dislike it for many reasons so I avoid it when I can. Of course, we also only have one grocery store in town and they keep reducing the number of name brands. The other day they told hubby no more Sarah Lee ham!

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A small WalMart opened in the mall down the road from me. It moved into a department store that closed. It's just a teenie one, but they should still have the products they advertise in the flyer. 4 times I went in, since it opened and every time they were out.....and this was the first day of the sale.

I swore never to go in there again. That infuriates me.

Anyway, I made a quiche using grated potatoes instead of a pie crust as a base. I didn't buy frozen hashbrowns, I grated fresh, and combined with sauteed onions and pre-baked it for a while in the oven. I then topped with the eggs, ham and cheese and have it baking in the oven.

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I started out this afternoon to run a few errands and to go visit my sister in the Home. Ran into car problems, they were finally able to diagnose the problem, got the part and fixed it within a few hours. So I didn't get my errands run till a little while ago.

Too tired to cook so opened a can of roast beef hash, fried an egg and fixed half a slice of toast. Not too bad.


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Today was our Ladies Golf Association 9-hole and 18 hole league Christmas luncheon. We had sliced turkey, potatoes and green beans, rolls and a red velvet cupcake (I passed on dessert). DH is having chili tonight. I was going to make white chili but there's some regular in the refrigerator so he'll have that.

Jasdip, I've made quiche with potato crust, both the hand grated and the frozen hash browns. They were both good but I think I liked the frozen hash browns better. A friend of mine made it using a mandolin and making potato slices for the crust. She said it was very good.

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Pam, I don't do much food shopping at WM, but the prices are good. I won't buy our meat there because I've tried it and it seems to have too much water in it. I like to roam the aisles, but the mass of people and the size of the store drive me nuts.

Jasdip, is your small store packed with people? Your quiche sounds really good.

Shirley, I hate dealing with car problems, but 'ya gotta do what 'ya gotta do, I guess. Did you get to visit your DSis? I've never had the roast beef hash, but it sure sounds good with egg and toast.

Georgysmom, woo hoo, Thanksgiving all over again (or an early Christmas). Sounds good, but so does chili. You're so smart to plan ahead!! BTW, did you thaw the hash browns?

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Patti: One of my sisters just told me today about the roast beef hash so when I finally got to run errands, I bought some. It's similar to the corned beef.

No visit with Annie today. By the time I got the other things done, it was too late, and she is usually very tired and dozing off in the evenings. Will try again tomorrow.


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shirley, i love that roast beef hash in a can, with eggs and toast. :)

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All week has been so busy for Cheryl and I. Amber has twisted her knee and it popped, so we have been going to her house early and helping and we don't get home until after 7:00. Today was Alyssa's Toddler Time so we took her into town for it. I just waited in the truck. Lunch for us women was the McRib, it is back at McDonald's here. Alyssa got a Happy Meal. Tomorrow I will once again leave early and go to Amber's and then around 10:45 go with Cheryl to take her cat and Amber's dog Lily to the vet's. Amber has improved some today finally. Supper last night and tonight for me was a couple of Old Fashion luncheon meat sandwiches and iced tea. The night before I had homemade potato soup.

Sue who hopes to go to bed soon.

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Shirley, I have a sister named Annie, too! Gotta love those Annie's!

Thanks, lindalu. That might be a good thing to put in my hurricane emergency meal box next summer. We usually just have peanut butter and tuna for meat :-) The corned beef would probably be good also.

Sue, hope Amber feels better soon. Hard to run after a toddler with a bum knee. Nice of you to go help out when your kids need it. (And have the luxury of being close enough to be able to.) And I'm with you--ready for bed!

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Three crispy beef tacos from Las Palapas.
They tasted sooo good, and were not one bit greasy.
I'm catching a cold and I didn't feel like cooking. Tacos were the perfect medicine!

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Patti, yes you thaw the hash browns. the recipe calls for putting them in a towel and squeezing all the excess moisture out, but I just put them on a cookie sheet and bake them in a low oven till dry but not browned, You then toss them with some melted butter and press them into a pie plate forming the crust. Bake the crust until golden brown and then fill. I think it was a Paula Dean recipe. If you would like it, let me know tomorrow and I shall post it. I made it for my golfing buddies when we went on an over night golf trip in July. I was in charge of a luncheon for one of our tournaments and the co-chairs of the tournament requested it for the luncheon. I had to tactfully approach our chef and ask him if he would make it and handed him the recipe. He was kind enough to do it. It's great for anyone who is gluten intolerant.

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shirley, i love that roast beef hash in a can, with eggs and toast. :)

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