clairdo2December 26, 2012

Has anyone got this and do you like it ?

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I don't have this particular fryer, but I do have one that's similar and love it.

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Somebody bought one for my nephew, as he wanted a deep fryer but lives alone and we worried about all that hot oil LOL. I didn't hear the details, but he did not like it. He said the stuff tasted baked and was soggy (mostly frozen fries and chicken nuggets I am sure).

I wonder though, if that had to do with what he was making in it and not the appliance itself. And it was very expensive from what I hear. Look forward to hear what others thought of it...


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I have one and I LOVE it. Yes, it cooks fries with barely any oil, but it's also brilliant for greasy stuff that burns easily, so, bacon, sausages, etc. And wings - it cooks wings brilliantly. And roast veg - does them nicely, too.

Recently I cooked up pork butt in it - chopped into 1" cubes, and omg but it was good, fried in its own fat, evenly browned, and succulent. mmmm.

In fact, I cook all sorts of food in it just to see, and the only flop I've had was risotto, which ended up a gooey crunchy mess that even the dogs turned up their noses at.

It's a wee bit noisy, but not deafeningly so, and there are less smells than you get from a regular oven, oddly enough. And it's a breeze to clean.

The cookbook that comes with it is disgracefully poor - crumby repetitive recipes (that awful risotto!), and I don't think anyone bothered to copy-check it, as it's full of cooking errors, ugh.

Did I mention I LOVE my Actifry?!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I don't have one but I think I would like it, only problem storage of yet another large cooking device, and no place to put it. If I had unlimited storage space, a large walk in pantry, I would get one. We love fried food but try to avoid it, this would lessen the guilt lol.

If you go to the site and view the video there's a lot of good videos by users.

Here is a link that might be useful: actifry

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For those of you with limited space for storage ...

... how about installing some hooks in the kitchen ceiling, with bungee cords holding the appliances, and a string hanging from the bottom of each to just above the top of the head of the largest denizen?

When you want to use one, just pull it down and unhook it, re-hitching it when through?

(And after washing, of course).

ole joyfuelled

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