What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43December 18, 2012

We had a nice, sunny day today. It's been so warm my neighbor's azalea bushes are all in bloom. So pretty!

Tonight we're having pot roast cooked with potatoes and carrots and pea salad. Harry needs some green stuff--he has his INS (Coumadin) blood work done tomorrow.

Hope your day has gone well--what are you having for dinner?

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Weather was miserable this morning, but as the day progressed, the sun came out and it warmed up a little. The sun makes such a difference in my attitude.

I had about 4 easy meals that I had to choose from. I chose roast beef hash and an over easy egg.


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Shirley, you're so smart to cook ahead. We'll probably have roast beef hash tomorrow, unless I decided to make veg. soup with the leftovers. I probably have enough beef to make both! It's a fact that the sun has a large part in how we feel. If I don't see the sun for a few days, I'm a Gloomy Gus!

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Can you describe roast beef hash? I have some roast beef left over........

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A mini-steak, broasted potatoes, and the last of my tomatoes from the garden. I think this is the very latest I have ever had them. This IS Minnesota!!

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Patti's giving me credit for something I didn't do. lol I opened a CAN of roast beef hash. I do cook a lot of my own foods from scratch, but that one I never tried. So when one of you great cooks make it, please invite me over.


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DH grilled chicken last night and tonight we chopped up the leftovers, added peppers/onions and made fajita's.

I think I will make DH happy and make him a beef stew tomorrow (One of his favorites). They are calling for cold rain most of the day.

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Shirley, you're so funny! But I know you do make a lot of stuff ahead so you don't have to cook during the week! Wish I would do that!

My pot roast was as tough as leather, but the vegetables were good. I'll chop the beef up and put it in the rich broth it made and make vegetable beef soup later this week.

Phyllis, good for you to still have tomatoes. That's amazing! Your dinner sure sounds good!

Teresa, now why don't I ever think of that when I have leftover chicken. That would be something different and something Harry would really like. Hope you don't get too cold!!

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I had a yummy pasta with my DD#2 today at CheeseCake Factory~~~so I am not too hungry (yet). DH just came in and said it is freezing out (we are is So Cal;)SO he does not want to bar b que the pork chops and yams, I had planned, so now I am wondering what he will come up with;)
I bet I get Del Taco;) LOL!!! YUP! YAHOOO no cooking for me and I get my 2 green burritos (bean and cheese) extra green sauce:) Funny as I was posting Del taco he was saying it;) We do that alot, means we have been married too long;) AWWW we have a coupon buy one get one free;)

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Good going, YogaLady, enjoy the burritos. Isn't it weird when you are thinking something and your DH starts talking about the same topic? Sometimes I think Harry can read my mind--and sometimes that's not a good thing when I'd like to hang him up by his toes :-)

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Today was an easy day for me. I painted my toenails, did a few loads of wash, made some hot fudge sauce for gifts, did a little vacuuming (very little) and then got ready to go to a party. Just got home. The food was great not just because I didn't have to cook it but my friend is a very good cook and loves to entertain. Her house looks like a Christmas shop. Nutcrackers, carolers angels, birds....you name it she has it everywhere. It was a very nice party.

Wondering how cold is cold in So Cal......and where is Glenda today?

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Rainy most of the day, our high was 57~~the low is supposed to be 37 for us that is cold;(

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I didn't put anything out to thaw....my poor husband had to eat a microwave dinner. He didn't complain. I forgot to put the possums' treats out to thaw too...fruit cups....will cook roast tonight for him and wings for them.

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