You know you're getting old when ...

joyfulguyDecember 6, 2012

... there's a motion-activated light in the bathroom at the church (which I just visited) ...

... and when you sit down to do your business (of whichever variety) ...

... the light goes out before you're finished!

There's a large coated window in the room, so in daytime one isn't left totally bereft of light.

One good thing is ... that if you move (your body) a bit ... the light goes back on.

Oh, these modern "conveniences"!!

ole joyful

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How true, and you are getting old when you pull the car into the garage full of groceries, and take one load in and upon returning,the garage is dark because you forgot to turn the overhead light on.

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LOL O.J. We have timer lights in the bathrooms on the golf course and I never do set the timer long enough. Either that, or the person ahead of me set it too long and when I go in, the lights on but it goes out while I'm in there. We do have windows so it's not totally dark, but it's such a shock when the light goes off!

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I have a motion light in my office. After a long period of inactivity the light goes off but doesn't come back on with movement - you have to get up and turn it on at the switch. The light has shut off on me a few times and it is always a surprise when it does.

The one thing that I haven't figured out (or admitted to) is:

Did the light shut off because I was working hard or hardly working??!!! ;~)

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I'm not sure that gizmo saves anything. Aren't you supposed to leave the energy-saving, non-incandescent bulbs *on* for at least 10-15 minutes?

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"Aren't you supposed to leave the energy-saving, non-incandescent bulbs *on* for at least 10-15 minutes?"
No. Fluorescent lights of any type should not be flipped on and off often, so they're not a good choice for blinking lights, but the have to leave it on for 15 min is basically another old wives' tale. That said, even incandescents generally last longer if you're not flipping them on and off.

I have CFL in my bathroom, basement, garage, outdoors, even in the ceiling fan and are on and off a lot. I believe in turning off lights when you leave the room. I converted over about 15 years ago and have replaced a total of 2 or 3 bulbs.

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I thought you'd be carrying a little crank up flashlight OJ!

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