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monica_paDecember 18, 2012

I have an update on Emily.
We friends did not hear from her family after getting notification that life support was discontinued, and that she would be gone.

Well....yesterday morning there was a message from her mother, saying that the family stayed with her daughter all night, waiting for the last breath, but the kid hung on. As family and friends mourned her, she hung onto life...and very gradually, the next day - she opened her eyes.

Everyone was stunned, and doctors were very cautious on her possibly continuing to regain any level of consciousness, or motor capability - but she is coming back very slowly, and spoke to her parents for the first time since the event that put her there.

There have been stories of this happening before.
The power of prayer?

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AWESOME!!! I WAS praying taht the doctors were wrong, I
said I would in your last post.

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This is terrific news. Keep us updated.


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My goodness, you just never know. I'm so sorry her family is going through this and will say a little prayer for them all.

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The power of prayer is amazing. I will keep praying that she continues to improve.

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I'll continue my prayers! What good news.

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What marvelous news, and hope it only gets better.

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Monica, I missed the original post. Just searched it. How awful for that family to have to go through this. I hope there is a happy ending to all this. Sometimes It's nice that doctors are wrong.

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