Glenda's white chili question

angelaidDecember 4, 2012

Is that can of chicken broth the small one or the large one?

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1 can (14.5 oz) chicken broth You can use the lo sodium or I generally have my own chicken broth stored in the freezer.

Now this is a thin soup, so be prepared.

And our preference is to shred rather than chop the chicken.

BTW, last time I made it, over a week ago, grandson had 3 servings. Two with his meal and the third bowl later in the afternoon.

I combined Sargento shredded mozzarella with cheddar and it was quite tasty.


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for angelaid

did you make the white chili yet?

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Glenda, I always use more beans, and mine turns out as a thick soup. :)

It's one of the yummiest chili recipes I have.

Angelaid, I hope you liked it.


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thx, moni, but I like mine as it :o)

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I made it last night, but we haven't tried it yet. I used white kidney beans because I couldn't find Navy beans. I'm going to add a couple more cans of beans when we have it for dinner.

I had stew meat, chicken, pork chops and cube steak thawed out that had to be cooked up. So I cooked four nights dinners last night. LOL

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To each his own :o)

When I eat red chili at my favorite place, I asked them to go easy on the beans, or else I end up spooning them out.

One can of navy beans suits me for the white chili recipe.

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Yes, on the beans making it thicker. I have a baked white chicken chili and it's done in one of those baking bags. You squish half of the beans with your hands, and the beans inside the bag, before adding the rest then baking it. It's good thickener (if you do want it that way). I find myself doubling up on cumin and chili in these recipes. It's never really hot enough for me, but then, I like jalapenos on my burger when I eat one.

Dollop of sour cream and monterey jack cheese on my white chicken chili, please! Not healthy, but surely tasty.

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Glenda, I made your white chicken chili yesterday. OMG, it was so good!!! I used Great Northern Beans, which have very little liquid. Completely forgot about the cheese and sour cream (Sr. Moment I guess). Will remember them next time. Served it with GF biscuits (see below).

DH was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, so your chili is a welcome addition to what he is able to eat. Also found GLUTEN FREE BISQUICK which makes delicious biscuits and pancakes. Tastes like the regular Bisquick. Oh happy day!!

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wantoretire_did so glad you enjoyed the white chili.

Special thoughts for your husband!

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