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Sue_vaDecember 13, 2012

Windex doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. I'm wondering if there is something new or better than the old favorite?

I did the windows a couple months ago and they just didn't seem to look clean like they usually do. I really want to clean them before Christmas, and I'm going to be in town tomorrow and wondering if any of you have a suggestion for something else?



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I find it's not so much the cleaner but the equipment. The cleanest windows I get are using a good squeegee. I haven't had to buy any glass cleaner for a while but Windex used to be my favorite. Sparkle gets good reviews from friends. I've often used vinegar water when low on glass cleaner. The key is to get them dry quickly, where the squeegee comes in.

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I also think windex isn't what it use to be. My mirrors, windows etc just don't look like they should.

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Use crumbled up newspaper just the printed stuff, no flyers or shiny papers. It works with the windex or any brand, none of which do as they used to. Most of the time I just use vinegar straight from a spray bottle, after giving the windows a wipedown with a clean paper towel or cloth in a bit of soapy water. Have always done the inside from top to bottom and the outside from side to side .....if they still have streaks I know whether it is inside or out.

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I just use regular rubbing alcohol. Nothing I've found works as well, as quickly. And, of course, black printed newspaper

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Gave up on windex years ago.

Only use Sprayway.

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I use a mixture I make of 1 part rubbing alcohol to 1 part water in a spray bottle. It does a much nicer job than Windex. No smears. No jumping up to go at a spot that looks foggy later on. I use this mixture for my counters and mirrors too. Some people like to put 1 drop of liquid dish soap in a 1 quart bottle of the alcohol and water mixture, but I prefer not to use it. I bought some Awesome at the Dollar Store after everyone was raving about it. I have not tried it on windows yet.

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I think I'll not buy any tomorrow and just try some of your suggestions. I use to use newspaper but had changed to paper towels. Think I'll go back to newspaper.

Also should go back and read before submitting!



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I used a mixture I found on line to clean windows and it was amazing. It was vinegar, warm water and cornstarch, but I don't remember the proportions. I'm sure you could find it if you look.

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I use Windex on my windows and haven't noticed that they weren't as good as they should, but no streaks - I also use Windex as an ant spray which works wonderfully! Plus it's safe to use around children and pets... We had such an infestation this last summer that I had to add Terro to to my remedies for them - they would march in every day! I used the Terro in high places and behind places the kids and dogs could get to...My DH sprays them outside which (in my opinion) drives them inside...

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I too use the 1/2 alcohol 1/2 water mix except that I add 1TBS of amonina to this mixture. It is by far the best window cleaner I have ever used. It does wonders on my bathroom mirrors that I used to have problems with smears and streaks constantly. I buy the cheapest paper towels made, for cleaning windows and mirrors. I will never buy Windex or any other cleaner again.. this is just the best stuff... and it's cheap to make.

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Many cleaners use alcohol. It's not because it's a good cleaner, but because it dries quickly. Quicker you get it dry, less chance of streaks. Many times you really don't need a "cleaner" other than water. I've asked many pros what they use on commercial buildings and several say only water. A little scrubber to wash away dirt and they use the squeegee to get it dry. At the gas stations I always used a car window squeegee and water, or in the winter, windshield washer fluid. Many people use that for glass cleaner too. And

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Another Sprayway user here - that stuff is THE BEST glass cleaner I have ever used. Hands down. I will not use anything else.

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I still use Windex for many things inside, including the bathroom mirrors.

For larger windows, DH does them. Inside it's windex and clean (old) towels. Outside, a bucket of warm water, long handled extension soft brush, a sploosh (bigger than a splash) of ammonia and once in a while just a bit of dry laundry detergent, he hoses them off, no squeegee, no streaking, not ever.

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RainX glass cleaner (not the stuff that goes in the windshield washer). It's in the Automotive section. Was recommended to me by the man who installed my glass shower doors.

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I just use a wet microfiber cloth and then wipe with a dry one. Of course, that is when I actually clean windows.

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hot water and a Trasan micro fiber cloth

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My Mom didn't use Windex, just a mix of 2 parts water, one part ammonia, in a spray bottle. She used white tissue paper.Remember when department stores would give you free boxes and tissue paper?

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I decided to try Sprayway, so last night I checked to see where it is available, even found a coupon for it, but when I tried to get the coupon, my computer had a hissy-fit. (It has been doing that a lot lately.) I'll try again another time.


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A friend told me her window washer uses a little bit of dawn liquid dish detergent mixed with water....no streaks. That's what I've been using ever since.

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Someone here mentioned a "cloth" (not the microfiber kind) several years ago. I found some on eBay. LOVELOVELOVE them. But can't think of the name! :(

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Elraes Miller

Yes to dish washing soap plus water. Then a clean rinse and squeegee. One has to be in the mood to move fast before any drying occurs.

I am believing that all of our cleaning products have been messed with. Bleach doesn't do what it once did and laundry soap is a hit/miss. I tried peroxide on whites and am floored how wonderful they turn out, even a bit on stains and gone.

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I have always washed my windows with vinegar water and dried them with newsprint. I like Sprayway for mirrors. DS said that is what they used when he worked as an auto detailer.

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