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enjoyingspringDecember 16, 2012

Went to 2 craft sales today, so much jewelry for sale, everyone is making jewelry it seems. Didn't look like people were selling much. I think the days of crafting are coming to an end. Just no new ideas out there.

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around here in ND and SD it seems like the have come to an end for a few years now.

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Was able to get to only 2 of our 3 large ones this year due to snow storms. But the 3rd one was not as good as usual. Good variety, but quality just was not there. Jewely, baby stuff, mixed in with Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and several junky looking stuff. I think there are new ideas avaiable only if people just look around and see what is there. I like nature things, not the clunky big bird houses just nailed together etc. Photos in very large frames are not my thing either.
Hope spring shows are better.

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I feel like crafts are making a serious comeback here in the least around the Seattle/Portland area. Every craft show I've been to has been fabulous, with lots of really cool things to buy. A lot of people sell on etsy now too.

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It's always the same old stuff. The prices are so high now too.

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The last one I went to didn't have that many vendors turn out and most of them were selling crochet pot holders, dish towels, and other fabric craft. Well made, but nothing I would really use and they didn't seem to be selling anything. Yes, I thought prices were high. Probably because crafting supplies have gone up as well.

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Lots of retailers at the craft shows lately... The two biggest ones are only crafts and they don't allow so much jewelry either - helps us all - one show in Morro Bay, is going to more retailers and resellers - sad - it used to be a great show. My next show will be April at the Porterville Iris Featival I have so much fun there - retailers are sneaking in but it still mostly crafters...

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Jennmonkey~~we went to one in Portland once, I think it was their regular Saturday or maybe it was Sunday under the bridge one~~~some of the best stuff I have ever seen and good prices;)

We went to one the day after Thanksgiving in SLO, it was small about half was of interest to me the other is what I call 'hoops, ribbons and lace' not of interest to me.

We have one here in Riverside called 'Changing Seasons' so it is 4x's a year~~it used to be really nice and big, it is smaller now and not as much handcrafted stuff. They buy things that if you are not in the know you might think it was hand crafted~~~because you glue a bow or sprinkle some glitter on something made from China does not make it handcrafted;(

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I did a craft show a few weeks ago, my first time for this one. I was very disappointed because of the space next to mine, she brought a department store with her, I mean she had everything from coats, jackets, sweaters, handbags, scarfs, jewelry, etc. she should have been at a flea market instead of a craft show, there was nothing hand crafted. I felt bad for the crafters who spent so much time making their crafts only to have someone buy and resell their things.


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I think they should not be able to be in a craft show if they do not make it~~~maybe they can put all of the commercial items in one area~~~then it is clear what is what. I have bought things like that at shows but I do not if they are trying to pass it off as handcrafted;(

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I wish I could think of a NEW AND USEFUL craft to make. That is the problem, there is nothing new out there.

I have even noticed that the Craft and Decoration Forum is rarely used anymore, just no interest.

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I haven't been to a craft show in years. So few crafts, so much expensive jewelry.

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What I really mean is, so few "handmade craft items.

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I just "wonder" if we haven't got the message that we really do not "need" so much stuff in our lives.I know I had decades of being a "collector" and I now realize that so much of it was 'just stuff' and needed to be free. A work in progress.

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I like to browse through the craft stores but haven't been to a craft show for a while. I've noticed some sellers are slipping in items purchased at dollar stores. The items have also increased in price-mysteriously. I've also noticed items that have been bought from a popular catalog sales (probably shouldn't mention the name) something etc..though. :) Once again, the price has been mysteriously marked up. Lots of jewelry in some..not so much in others. If I see a really nice piece I will buy it though.

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I really wonder how many vendors sell their jewelry, there just seems to be so much of it and very expensive.

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they are going strong here in the Orlando area. we have a group of art & craft shows starting in late Sept that runs thru early Nov then again Jan thru April. I try to hit the biggest ones and usually sept-Oct I go to 1 a weekend, springtime less because of my work schedule. There are always very high end jewelers and middle priced ones, more jewelry booths than yrs past but then there used to be alot more candle & photography ones yrs ago. I enjoy going w friends buying things people made themselves and getting unique pieces ~ liz

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Seems to me a lot of it is for financial and paring down reasons a lot of people are avoiding the "trinket" junk stuff that usually constitutes "crafts". The functional items, hand-made seem to do well. You can only have so many dangling ornament things hanging in your house, but well made potholders or even the bookmark someone here showed recently made from a paper clip, are useful and will sell. Often they are better made than the storebought stuff too so I'd prefer to buy that. But the junk jewelry and all the "cutsy" stuff - they can keep.

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I agree, I think whatever you are selling should be useful. I too am tired of all this junky stuff that clutters my house.

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Yoga Lady - did you go to the Cowgirl CXhristmas in SLO? Should have gone to SLO Vets - everything is hand made - everything... The Cowboy Chtistmas was half vendors - half resellers/consultants - not what was advertized... I only did $800 for the event - down from $1200 last year but good neverthe less... Will do it again next year... I wish events held on the same day would carry posters of the other shows so we can all share customers... SLO Vets prides itself on hand crafted items only...

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