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cheri2008December 19, 2012

I purchased a large spiral ham I intend to cook for Christmas.Will it be okay in my refrigerator until next tuesday, or should I put in the freezer, and thaw again before cooking.. The ham is cured and smoked, and probibly pre cooked, so I am thinking it will be fine. I just want to make sure.

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Eww, not sure I'd want to keep it that long in the refrigerator. You're basically keeping leftovers remember. Do you keep cooked ham for a week and eat it?

You'll lose some by freezing it but I'd freeze it.

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Although, does it have a "use by" date on it?

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I'd be uncomfortable serving food that sat in the fridge that long--and as a guest, I'd want to know that, and would probably be a vegetarian that day. Sorry.

That being said, I did buy a spiral ham yesterday, but I'm taking some of it to a party tonight, we'll be eating some, I'll make soup from the bone, and by the weekend, any leftovers will be in the freezer.

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I think it will be fine. Ham keeps a long time because it' cured and smoked.

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Cured meats keep longer. It will be fine. I bought a ham last Sunday and will bake it on Monday. And this isn't the first time I've kept a ham that long.

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I'll bet if you can find the sell by or use by date you'll be surprised how long it will keep. It's vac packed, right?

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I just bought one yesterday, not for Christmas. I looked and it has a sell by date of Feb. 01, 2013. It should be fine. Check the date on yours.


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Even sliced ham for sandwices will last a week in the fridge....and your ham should be more than can keep it another week after you open it...

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I'd also be concerned about the temperature. I don't know many people who keep their refrigerators cold enough for proper storage. You might be surprised if you stick a thermometer in the middle of it.

Chances you'll die from it? Low. But like I said, it's still old. Depends on personal tastes I guess. Ham sandwiches in a frig for a week? Ugh. Bread would be terrible. I wouldn't eat it! LOL But again, there's things others eat that I wouldn't touch and vice versa.

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The ham will be fine in the fridge for the next several days.

I bought mine today too.

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I bought my ham last Sunday and am serving it this Sunday. The buy by date on it is March 13 2013~~~~I keep my refrigerator temp between 35/40. I have thermometer in it always~~~I am an old elementary cafeteria manager. I temp everything. I hate eating at buffets~~I want to temp everything and bring my own serving spoons and tongs;)

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I often buy a half ham for sandwiches and keep it in our refrigerator. I have a thermometer in the fridge; it's below 40F. We haven't been made ill from cured ham yet. (I do make sure the ham doesn't sit out -- cut off what's needed and return it to the fridge before it warms.)

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I am surprised nobody mentioned that the ham has been and would be sitting in the store refrigeration for that long and longer. It will be just fine.

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Although we (I) don't eat ham - can't handle preservatives, I too am worried about this with whatever meat I do buy for Christmas dinner. My biggest concern is not just with temp of our idiot 2 year old fridge, but with the temperatures in the cold units of the stores - and how long said meat or dairy etc. sat unrefrigerated at the manufacturers, then at the main distribution centre for the grocery stores in Toronto and then at the final destination grocery store - and then blocking the grocery store lane while the staff went to lunch. I have ice packs that I take to the store that I put into a cooler bag and only buy perishables on the way home. So I know it is not me. During the past 2 weeks, milk, cottage cheese, chicken and beef - despite the dates - and I don't buy products dated tomorrow - all turned - I have learned how the dates work. Some stores here put "packaged on" said date - well that is easy to change. Others put "best before" - but again that assumes storage under ideal conditions. So when in doubt - don't. One thing I will absolutely not eat is a rotisserie chicken from any store or restaurant. Back in the day when the technology was new, I boarded at a private home while going to school. The boarders were frequently served said chickens - and of course the stores did not know at the time that the chickens had to be kept at a certain temp. So was sick quite a few times. But jumping forward to today, I keep hearing of people getting sick from said chickens - and you have to wonder if the chickens are being put on the rotisserie on the last "good by" date. Also, I have heard people ask about the temp issue. Then there is the problem with over filling of the refrigeration units - too high and too far out. I hope everything works out for you. I do recall when I used to buy ham for my husband that it does not necessarily freeze all that well - some parts do better than others.

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