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suziequeDecember 3, 2012

There was a thread recently about Yankee Swap suggestions and several people commented on their fondness for flashlights.

I need a better flashlight for when I walk the dog at night. I do have a reflective vest (as does the dog), but that's not enough. The small flashlight I use isn't too bright and doesn't send the beam very far at all.

I need a flashlight that is bright, strong, sends the beam a good distance, and fits well in the palm of my hand (while I'm also juggling the leash, probably a poop bag, gloves, etc. What's your favorite for this type of activity?

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This one, Suzie! My son bought it for me to use outside at night. Small size and strong beam. I love it!

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I got a little one some time ago that has a small arm sticking out of one of the narrow sides of it, that one squeezes and releases continuously to produce a light.

But lacking the squeezing ... the light soon grows dim.

It wasn't very durable, either, as I recall.

I have one now that one cranks ... but that requires both hands ... you'd have to run the dog's leash around your neck, I imagine. And hang a bag carrying the other requirements from your belt.

How about getting one that has a strap that goes around your head ... it'd be useful in various circumstances, I imagine.

They have some that clip to the peak of a ball cap, also. But some of them require some of those small, often rather expensive, batteries.

ole joyful

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The headlight isn't a bad idea. I've never used one, but my son has one with a strong beam. (I hate it, because it's usually directed at me.) I can find out what it is if you like, but as I'm writing this I'm realizing a big disadvantage is that your aiming ability is so much more limited than it is with a flashlight.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am a flashlight junkie, I admit I have a problem ok! I love going to big Lots because I can always find more flashlights that I must have. I went Saturday and bought 4 of the 4" camouflage led ones and they had my favorite puck led lights so I got one for my neighbor. I have 6 of the headlight kind, thats what I would suggest getting for your walks. Or if you wear a cap they have the led clip on lights for the brim, my husband has several of them and likes them.
Just make sure you get led lights and the more leds the better.
What I do with the puck light is use the hook it has on it and hang it from the neck of my shirt, it stays there and is always pointed in the direction I am going.
I posted on the recent sales post about a great deal on this type of light, I ordered them 3 for $10.

If you have a big Lots near by go there they are the best prices.

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Thanks, all!

Alisande, I've ordered the one you linked to. Wow - great reviews! I should have it by Wednesday.

The reason I don't want a head flashlight is because I will primarily use it to flash around to give notice to cars that we're there at the side of the road. So having it in my hand is the right thing. I don't know what a puck light is, but am off to google it!

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I bought a small, maybe 3" LED flashlight for just a couple of dollars at a feed store. Those LED lights are really bright.

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I love the PETZL Tikka light. You wear it on your head. kinda like " Look Ma, No Hands. :)


Here is a link that might be useful: head light

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Office Depot has a samll flashlight for sale at less than $5. It has maybe 7 LEDs, fits in the palm of your hand, and runs on 3 AAA batteries. It appears to be well constructed (for a cheap unit); the switch works good. The body is anodized aluminum and is available in several colors via anodized colors. It is not as powerful as a lagrger light, but is bright and lights up a very useable area near the user. A wrist strap is included. I do know know how long it will run on one set of batteries. I know it must be more than 2 hours. I used mine while doing a plumbing under the kitchen sink and the total on-time must have been 2 hours. It small size was handy for that cramped job.

It is right sized for walking at night. It is easy to turn on and shine down in front of you to warn on comming traffic of your presence. Should work for pouper scouping as well.

For larger jobs, I have a Craftsman brand flashlight sold in Ace Hardware stores. It uses 2 d-sized batteries and has a single, more powerful LED. The beam is fairly tightly focused and can light up targets 25 to 50 feet away. The body is anodized aluminum This is my light of choice to keep in my vehicles.

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Great--I'm confident you'll like it, Suzie.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

This is an example of the puck light I am talking about, they come in round and a rectangular shape. Lots of places have them. There are other puck lights but they are totally different.

Here is a link that might be useful: Puck light

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How about a portable lantern?

Here is a link that might be useful: lantern

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For your purpose a headband light is what I'd recommend. I have one that I used when I had to crawl into the crawl space and it's great. Used regular AA or AAA batteries and gave a great beam and was make that is bright.

Don't get fooled by the "more LEDs the better" philosophy. This is another example of "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing"! Do your homework. I have a single LED flashlight that is as bright as my 14 LED flashlight. Check the watts and lumens to compare it more accurately. Also some focus a narrower beam sort of like the comparison of a floodlight vs a spotlight.

I bought a great 14 LED and a 3w for $1.99 each. The 9 LED are free after rebate. Batteries are cheap. I too like flashlights. I lose them easily so I buy 'em and spread 'em around so hopefully I find one when I need one. I also have the crank lights and they're great for power outages too.

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Thanks again, everyone.

I'll take a look at the lantern, but I'm afrait that it'll be a little too clumsy (or I will be!) with the things I'm juggling. Cynic, thanks, but as I mentioned, the light isn't so I can see, it's so that people can see me. If I have the headband light, I'll have to have my head turned and tilted down toward the pavement in order to give the cars some indication that I'm there :-)

I certainly do appreciate everyone taking the time to comment! The one that Alisande recommended (and I bought) should arrive tomorrow. I'll report back.

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Suzie, the Tikka light I linked, has the option to move the light beam up or down.

It's my fav. Great for working under the house, under the sink, walking... and of course, in the campground. Only thing you have to remember is not to look someone in the face. It would blind them.


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Oh, I didn't notice that, Moni. Thanks for letting me know - looking at it again.

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OklaMoni, we just bought our 4 year old GD one of the Tikka/Petzl head lites. It does tilt and has a brite and not so brite setting. The best part is it is a very pretty pink color.

My GD loves flashlites also~~I am giving her a bag of different kinds~~~she is just not so much into toys.

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