Math Class - Funny

petra_gwDecember 10, 2012

Kid-dubbed adults math class, this is hilarious. :o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Math Class

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I watched and enjoyed. Thanks

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You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it. :o)

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Math was really good.

I got to tooling around looking the others and I canNOT stop laughing at Healthy Food. I don't understand half of what the kids are saying, hey, they're kids, but the rest is hilarious! "Guess what I'm gonna sing a few words of a song... TWinkle, twinkle little star... Guess what song it was! Guess! There is only one minutes left in my brain!... Yes!!!! It's twinkle twinkle little star". And then he grins hugely. I love the way kids think and what just comes spurting out! And the adults recreating it in their own scenes. Pure joy! Just what I needed.

Oops. I was glad I wasn't wearing any mascara today, but I am. Must go clean up from crying so hard.

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I missed Healthy Food, off to look for it. Another good one is the "Blind Date". :o)

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Yes, it is! I loved blind date.

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The "Healthy Food" segment includes the mother making her kids drink some vile-looking 'green juice', and one of the chilren tells us it's something his 'buscha' made. This morning's Chicago Tribune has a story about the local cardinal who is being treated for cancer. He says the Polish nuns insist he drink three glasses of *asparagus juice* every day! (He says it can't hurt. Oh, yeah?)

(You may know that Chicago is Poland's second largest city. LOL)

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I love asparagus, don't know if I could choke down 3 glasses of asp. juice daily though, brrr.
I didn't notice the green juice in the kid's segment, was too horrified by the pancakes. Will have to watch it over again. :o)

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"These pancakes are super THICK mom (such disdain in his voice)!" The way those tofu-pancakes look and thud on the plate. Oh, I love it. Thanks petra! They're all so good. They have a channel and I watched a couple more today.

Weather was good. The weather changes from sunny to rainy to windy and the moon comes up all within minutes of each other... while the other kid tells what he does in each type of weather. Poor thing looks so confused when the moon rises, but he figures it out.

Camping is a riot! Ninja vanish! What? guffaw...

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Thank you for the smiles.

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Rob, Weather cracked me up too. The guys who do these just have the funniest facial expressions and body language. "Driver's Ed" and "Dance Class" are also pretty funny. But Math Class is still my favorite. :o)

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Petra, I just gotta thank you. I am just now getting around to watching more of them. I laugh so hard, I am crying! Today, I found episode number 1, punching cars. I have been avoiding it becasue I think what could that mean? It's hilarious! At one point, the little girl gets really confused. "He went to the park. No, he went to the door. Then he peed. Then end." And it show the guy at the park, then at the door... Later, the guy who wants to punch their car comes over for a fight and in the middle of it, "and then he went to sleep." The dude looks so confused, but he lies down on the grass. Hilarious!

Here is a link that might be useful: punching cars

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got it few weks ago and sent it to my dd and dil who have kids that LOVE math....big lol....

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