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janie_gaDecember 7, 2012

Hi all,

I had a choice today of getting bifocals or "computer glasses". Midrange visions has become an issue but distance is holding its own and close if great. I picked computer glasses since I am on the computer most of the day- figured that would be better than trying to adjust to bifocals. The eye doctor agree that would be best given my time on the computer and the new prescription was not terribly different.

Any of you have two sets of glasses to keep up with? I have worn glasses for almost 30 years. Put them on before I get out of bed and only remove them for showers and when my eyes get tired looking at the computer screen... otherwise I would lose them and not be able to see to find them!

I plan to keep my computer glasses in my laptop case since I seem to always have it with me now (I do not use a purse). How do you keep up with both?

Oh, and so far, the computer screen is so crisp today!!!!

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I use one of my older prescriptions for my computer glasses and they are perfect for that. I leave them by the computer. My new prescription is too strong for the computer, but perfect for reading. I don't wear glasses except for the computer and when I need to read something.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

When I had to quit wearing contacts and moved to glasses I went with bifocals, took about a day to get used to them but I love them now, one pair of glasses and I used to have the readers all over the house.
My husband who works at a computer all day has trifocals which he loves the middle section is the computer lens, lower is for reading, top for distance. They used to have one called executive lenses that he preferred on those the line goes all the way across the lens not just partially in the center area but they are very hard to find these days.

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Mine have "regular" at the top, computer in the middle, and reading at the bottom..love them!

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I have computer glasses that I leave right by the computer. Works so much better than always adjusting the bifocals!

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I have my regular glasses and computer glasses. If your on the computer much get some, its well worth it. It's single vision so its not very expensive. Only for use on the computer or reading at the same distance.

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FlamingO in AR

I've worn glasses forever (no line variable strength ones, now) and I also have computer glasses and LOVE them. I was straining my neck, tipping my head back to see the monitor and now I don't have to do that at all. I use a desktop so I just take off my regular ones and pop on the computer specs, easy. I leave them on the desk.

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I have both. When I got my first PC my DD noticed I was forever lifting and lowering my head when I was on the computer. She suggested I get computer glasses, so I had the exam, got the glasses, and they were her birthday gift to me. Like any glasses, the lenses aren't very expensive; it is the frames you choose that are costly. When I chose the frames, I didn't know she was going to pay for them or I would have gotten less expensive ones.

I have an eye appoint next month; may have to make a change of one or both.

I keep my PC glasses in the case they came in, right beside the PC. I wear my regulars all the time.


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I am like 'Fun' and use an old pair on the computer~~~I use readers from CostCo for everything else, I quit getting prescription glasses a few years ago~~~I was only getting them for reading anyway and I noticed my dr sold readers in his office~~~I asked him about them and he said they were fine for me. HMMM thanks for telling me years $$$ ago.

I have a pair in my purse and a pair upstairs and a pair downstairs, and a pair in my car, and keep the computer glasses right by it:) Even with all of that, sometimes I am still hunting a pair down;)

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Those of you using an old pair. Are they a lower prescription than your current ones or what? I am curious as to how they would help with mid range if they are no longer the right prescription.

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Like Flamingo, I got tired of tilting my head back to see the computer or even to read a book comfortably. I had asked the optometrist to write the prescription so that the reading portion of my glasses was larger and he said he did, but it still wasn't enough for me. So, after many years of having only one pair of glasses for all distances, about 5 years ago I got one for distance and one for reading/computer use. I absolutely love them. However, it is a bit irritating to have to change back and forth. I end up wearing the computer glasses all day at work and walking from office to office in a bit of a blur because I don't want to keep changing back and forth. Then I change to my "regular" glasses to drive home. It's not perfect, but so much better than straining my neck all the time.

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I need bifocals and bifocals set up for regular use such as driving and reading won't do for computer work. My computer is a desk top. My problem is compounded by havinf a bit of astigmism. My solution has been to pick up a pair of inexpensive reading glasses at the drug store. I find that diopter +2 is jsut right for compter work. A good glass lense reading spectacles run about $20. I have 2 pair; one I keep by my computer and the other in my lap top case. I don't loose the reading glasses because it always stays by the computer station.

The only problem I've encountered is walking away from the computer to another part of hte house and then discovering that I've got the wrong pair and have to go back to the computer station to exchange glasses.

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My Goodness, I manage to chase too many pair of glasses around. Tri-focals for most everyday stuff, computer ones and then reading ones. Computer and reading ones are pretty much 'in place' at the computer or bedside, but sometimes I need something else to read the daily paper and I will mis=place one or the other. I mostly hate my tri=focals as my vision gets worse.

"Dear Santa: Please bring me new eyes in the New Year".

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I bought computer glasses years ago. Since I would use them here at home only, I got a cheap frame. Nowadays, I don't use them as the prescription is not strong enough. At the time, I had insurance to cover two pair.

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I was lucky most of my life, always had good 20-20 vision. Then I got a job with the govmint doing a lot of close paper-work every day. Started with glasses for close work, then noticed I couldn't read street signs well. So my prescription changed over the years. Later started using a computer screen all day at work. My eye doctor fitted me with glasses for driving, which I also wore for movies. When I went to renew my drivers license I failed the eye test and it was noted I need glasses. The last time I was at an eye doctor, probably 7 years ago, he said it's time for bifocals. Hubby struggles with bifocals, I didn't want them! So I took off my glasses for driving. Fine if I can't see street name signs, I can see stop lights and speed limit signs.I'm not a driving hazard. I bought cheap magnifying "readers" over the counter and use them for reading and computer time. Last month I went to DMV and passed the eye test. So no restrictions on my license anymore! Hurray! I think the big change is I retired from my govmint job in 2005. Haven't been dealing with squinting at tiny print. I'm not saying my eyes healed, they just got relaxed. I still do wear the readers for newspapers, my Kindle, etc.

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Janie_ga, my older prescription is a weaker one. Because I didn't want to get multi-focal lens glasses, my prescriptions have always been a sort of compromise between a correction for reading middle distance (computer) and near (books). I also have an astigmatism. So, even though my vision has worsened over the years, the strength of my old prescription is still sufficient for middle distance, but not strong enough for close work. My newer prescription is great for close reading, but is actually too strong for middle distance reading. I should probably just get multi-focal lens glasses, but my system works for me for now and allows me to leave one set of glasses by the computer.

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I have regular glasses which are the no line graduated distance bi(tri)focals. I also have used a separate pair of computer glasses (single distance) for about 8 years now. The computer glasses are just now being replaced with a new pair, while I've gone through maybe 3 pairs of my regular daily-wear glasses during that time. I work 8 hours a day on the computer (job) and don't think I could survive any more without the specialized glasses. They work much better then my graduated distance lenses did for me. For the new ones, I got the cheapest frames I could, plastic lenses, but I did invest the extra for the non-glare finish.

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Well, I gave it a try having two pair of glasses and am now waiting on them to make progressive bifocals. My work is so crazy (rarely am I int he same location/city twice in one week).... I am afraid I will leave one pair in a distant part of the tri-state area. I also realized that when I work on the computer while watching TV, neither pair works quire right.

Hope to get the new lenses this evening- maybe they will work better.

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