Christmas Cards!

jasdipDecember 11, 2012

Isn't it great, bringing in the mail this time of year??
I'm receiving Christmas cards from you!

LOL Marilyn C!!! Love, love your card! Yes, resistance is futile. Gotta love the possums.

Just for you.....from Sidney and Seymour......

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Yes, it is wonderful, Jasdip. I hadn't been to the mail station to pick up our mail since I was feeling so puny and WOW! So many beautiful cards from our KT friends. I've looked at and read them all probably 3-4 times already.

I just sent mine out today, so I hope they will get to you all by Christmas.

It sure put me in the Christmas spirit. Tomorrow is crank-up-the-carols day and cleaning the living room and moving the furniture around day, to make way for the tree. But, I'm geared up now.

Thanks to all of you!

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I love all of mine

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I'm really enjoying all the cards. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the post office until yesterday morning, so my cards are later than I had hoped--but they are on the way.

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I was finally able to get mine in the mail yesterday. I love coming home after a crappy day at work to find such wonderful surprises in the mail!

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Cute little squirrels. Glad you liked the card, Jasdip. I don't do much for Christmas, so I always send cards. I had lost track of the lady who used to do my Christmas cards, so had to order them somewhere else the past two years because I couldn't find her website. Found she has a new one, so ordered cards. I am still sending some the rest should go out today.

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I am enjoying mine as well. I will go to the PO again tomorrow, and am looking forward to it!
They are all beautiful. And I always look forward to seeing what the possums are up to each year!


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I think I have 4 or 5 Christmas opossums hanging in the card area.... love the one this year, just makes me laugh.

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