Could use some good thoughts

marie_ndcalDecember 12, 2012

My Great Grand Daughter fell down some stairs last night and broke her arm. Thank goodness it was a hairline fracture but at 3 years old, she thinks she had had the temp cast on long enough. This is the one with the 4 month old sister, and her mom runs a day care. Just keep them in your thought and prayers.
Her name is Evie

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I think I feel worse for the mom! Hopefully the little one will adjust quickly to the cast.

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Poor Evie! (We have an Evie, too, short for Genevieve.) I hope she'll adjust to that strange thing on her arm and just forget it's there. Can it be *decorated*? LOL

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awww poor baby.... they sure cast bones sooner than they used to... Glad they got it on quickly... Did they make it a special color for her? Perhaps dome bling will help - give her hugs and tell her how special she is with the cast on... Prayers for the mom to survive it all.

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A tough age to be in a cast, but I hope little Evie heals quickly.

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Oh yeah, that age doesn't like to be slowed down! My best to all of you and for a speedy recovery.

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My GS broke his arm when he was 5. They adapt to those cast so easily.

Hope her mothers does well :o)

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Sending hugs and prayers for Evie and her mom.

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Hope she heals fast and that Mom survives! Also hope her cast is brightly colored and she can ask everyone to sign it for her. That can be fun; at least, it was for me when I broke my ankle at age 69! :>)

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