Would someone be kind enough to ASk Jenni

catlady15December 5, 2012

To call me.I have a package for her.Please Forgive me for posting this But I do not have a facebook so I have no other way to get a hold of her.If someone could email her or someway.I always mail her Pecans ever year.Thanks for helping me out this way.Tell her to call me after 4pm.I am staying with me mother-n-law.My MiL did not have cancer but they did alot of surgery,Her mind is so so bad.We hope that gets better.She is 80 years old so that may with her age.Many thanks Hugs Judy

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Just talked to Judy. She apologized for the posting.
She is taking care of Gregs mom. Judy is always doing something for someone.

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No need for the apology!

Speaking of, Jenni - we NEED pictures of our Niece and Nephew and new pup!!!

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The speed that stuff gets done here - this issue was resolved within an hour!

o j

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If the KT ran the country, we wouldn't have any problems!

Ditto on needing pictures of our babies!!!

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jenni you are so caring...Thanks again for my iPad gift...use it every day....I hope Judy and her family and new baby are all doing well. It's hard with a MIL that is ill.....

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