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YogaLady1948December 21, 2012

Do you know how to change the registered owner of a Kindle? My brother died in June of this year, he lived with my 87 year old mom. They both had Kindles and they were both registered in his name and connected to his account~~how do I change my mom's over to my account so I can manage audio books for her and change his so maybe we can give it to one of the gkids or is it possible to sell it back to Amazon, I know they buy used thing.

If no one knows anything, maybe you know where I can find this info at??

Thank You

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Sign onto Amazon, and select Help. There is a "Contact Us" yellow button con the right hand side that will guide you, to a page to state your account problem, and then to a telephone number you can call.

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Monica, I was just there and did do the Help button, I did not see all that~~but I am only on my first cup of coffee so I will go and try again~~Thanks;)

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This link gives you instructions:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Re-register your Kindle

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you do know that any books etc she had that were under his account will no longer be available to her any longer once she is off his account. I would at least download them to the kindle it self because the archives are on amazon servers possibly the ones saved to the device might stay.

You might want to contact amazon and explain the situation they might be able to save her books to the new account,doubtful but worth a try.

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Amazon Kindle customer service number: 866-216-1072


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Raven thanks for the info we did not know that~~~

Shefsf thanks for the # after the holidays I am going to call it;)

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