troll comments and product endorsements

Sally BrownleeDecember 14, 2012

deleted because I dont want to start anything or take away from the seriousness of the shootings in Conn.

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You're also hurting people who are looking for
information about products. There may be a 100
post thread here discussing aspirin that may benefit
me, but I'll never find it if you spell it a*p*rin.
There's a lot of good information shared here which
should be available to everyone.
Spammers will never go away. Actually there's very
little spamming here....considering.

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NO way I will purposely misspell or scramble a company name!

How the heck can anyone know what is being discussed if we have to unscramble words?

Report spam, and they delete it.

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Sally Brownlee

sorry if you thought it was a bad idea.
I dont mean to offend anyone. Many times I have been the recipient of good advice from GW members.

I really just dont want to see anyone hurt by less than genuine comments.

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