Good gift for the person who has everything

alisandeDecember 1, 2012

The person who has everything might not have Packing Cubes from eBags. I never heard of them until I saw them on the eBags website. Anyone who travels, even in frequently, should like them. They organize your clothes, etc., within the suitcase. Very cool idea! I watched a little video on eBags that demonstrated.

So I just ordered a 5-piece set as a gift. The 20% off sale with free shipping ends tonight. Also, if you sign up with Ebates, as Ruthie recommended in another thread, you'll get a 12% rebate with your purchase.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBags Holiday Deals incl. Packing Cubes

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Thanks, Susan--I ordered some!

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Great! I hope both of our gifts are a big hit.

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Thank you, Alisande. That is the perfect gift for my sister and BIL--they're constantly going somewhere ;-)

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Those are interesting. I'm anxious to hear the review from your recipients.

I travel a lot (2-4 times per month) and I'm not sure I'd find them useful. They look like a lot of extra "work" to me. I can pack for 4 days in a carry-on. :)

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Feels good to be helpful, Patti. :-)

Chloe, did you see the reviews on eBags? Large numbers of them with very high ratings. Maybe the amount of traveling you do has made you significantly more efficient than the rest of us. I know I need all the organizational help I can get.

Friends of mine spent two weeks in Greece this summer and packed only carry-ons. I can't imagine....

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LL Bean have something similar and have not compared the price, but my kids love them GD used them when she went to Ecuador this last summer. And they hold alot.

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I Just went from Florida to Prague, CZ and used them for the first time in my luggage to compress bulky sweater, car coat, etc. EXCELLENT! I got mine at Wal-Mart and bought the ones that you can either use a vacuum to suck out the air, or you can roll the bag to squish the air out (in the event no vacuum is available!) Saved me soooo much space, there was more room for my purchased souvenir trinkets!

I also bought the cube one for my out of season blankets/ comforters! Much less space taken up in the spare bedroom closets! Agree as great gift idea!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would love the cubes and the ones that go under the bed, need some storage for bedding and having those that go under the bed make a lot of sense, store each rooms bedding under the bed plus it stays fresh and clean like you stored it.
I have used the regular vac bags but they ended up leaking and decompressing.

I can use any help with packing!

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We travel a lot and before our last trip I bought a similar set from Avon. I found they kept everything in the case/drawer really tidy, I had all my t-shirts in one, all the underwear and socks etc in another. Meant that when I was looking for a particular garment I wasn't rifling through everything else messing it all up. Where we were staying for a few days with limited storage and wanted to put the suitcases away, the cubes kept everything neatly stacked on the shelf and were quick and easy to unpack out of the cases.
DH obsesses about packing minimalistically and he was so impressed by them I got another set for him.

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Last year I was in The Container Store while they were having a demonstration of the packing cubes from Eagle Creek. It was fascinating to watch a professional fold, pack and arrange everything. It was mesmerizing, almost like an infomercial but without the hype of "buy 1 get 5 free plus a Kinzu knife if you order now!".

I don't travel that much but I did have a trip to Ireland coming up so I thought long and hard about it. In the end I bought a few Space Bags by Eagle Creek which were the equivalent of large zip lock bags. They're plastic so you can see everything that's in them and after your fill them you seal it shut and roll it up to force the air out through a one way valve which compresses everything. They must be like the ones Acey posted about.

The regular packing cubes are great at keeping standard clothes (suits, dresses etc) neat and wrinkle free. These are considered a companion to the regular packing cubes like the ones Susan posted and are great at compressing bulky items like sweaters or coats. I bought a few different sizes and they worked. I really liked the smaller one that I used for my toiletries. I'm always worried that something will leak so I used to double bag them in ziplocks. The Space Bags are much thicker and sturdier and did the trick.

Here is a link that might be useful: Space Bags

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Sally Brownlee

I have eagle creek packing supplies and love them!
My favorite is the compression sack - I use for dirty clothes.

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Last Christmas my son's partner gave me a small plastic storage box, with a note inside that promised to deliver six bowls of soup, for the first six months of the New Year, with each month listed and a small square next to it which one could check off as the soup was received.

It was very popuular with me!

I've stewed some tomatoes recently and stored them in milk bags, and am about to give some of them to her.

A promise such as that to visit a shut-in several times over a period of months would be popular, I'm sure.

ole joyfuelled ... with a bit o' help from a bowl of soup, on occasion (but I'm getting a bit tired of the tomato variety)

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Under eBags' own label on the site is a set of 3 slightly padded zip-top pouches, which I rec'd last week. I couldn't find anything with some padding to put my electronics accessories in (I looked at the Vera Bradley items and just thought them overpriced for what I needed), and those will work very nicely. A little more protection than the Ziploc bags I was using.

Would go nicely with the packing devices!

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I think what you are introducing is SPAM.

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Where do you see spam, Graywings? I don't see a speck of it. And if I did, the thing to do with spam is to ignore it and let it scroll away. This thread ended almost six months ago.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Alisand, graywings was referring to a spam post that was added sometime in the middle of the night....I saw it when I was unable to sleep. It has since been removed....making it seem like graywings was the one who posted on an old thread....and not the truly obnoxious spammer.

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I get it, thanks. Good that it was removed.

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I know this was an old post, but I am thrilled it was bumped. I've been reading reviews all morning and I just bought 3 sets (assorted and medium for me and an assorted set for my mom). We are both planning trips in the fall and think this would be a great addition to our packing repetoires. Thanks!!!

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