My DGD's Cupcake Company

Sue_vaDecember 7, 2012

Some of you will remember when I posted about my DGD's fledgling Cup Cake Company, and showed some pictures of her work.

I haven't posted anything recently about this. It has been changing from time to time and I have had computer problems, plus health problems, so I have gotten behind.

She started the baking at home and delivering in their family car, then they bought a second-hand truck and had it completely redone so she could go to festivals, ball games, etc. Note: "they" are her and her DH.

Demand grew and grew, so they found a run down store front in a good location, did most of the remodel themselves, and opened shop on October 23. The interior decor is very different, interesting and getting great reviews.

Since opening the shop, she has hired two part time helpers, to wait on customers, and clean shop. She still does all the baking.

I hope you can get an idea of how this venture has taken off and grown in such a short time.

Of course (!) the shop is on FB. The links on the side boxes should be clickable.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cup Cake Company

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Very cool! I'm starting a baking company next month but just from my home kitchen. I'm hoping to start something like your granddaughter. Very cute.

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Cupcake stores are the new thing in my area.

Even have a cupcake truck that shows up on weekends in area parking lots.

They all seem to be thriving. Expensive: $3 per cupcake

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That's wonderful, Sue! Your granddaughter is as pretty as she is talented. Are you the grandma she grew up baking with?

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Sue that's fantastic, I'm very impressed with the shop and the fact that he's doing so well. You must be so proud. I love stories like this.

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I love the decor of the store.. it's inviting to men as well as women!! Congrats to her... I wish her continued success.

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Really cool store! Menu looks great. I'd want one of each! Much success to her!

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Aww, I love small business success stories. Makes my mouth water just looking at all the sweets. It would be great if she could get selected to be on Cupcake Wars and actally win! I wish her the best of luck.

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I'd have to go everyday of the week she's open, just to get whatever my favorite flavor was that day.


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Beautiful work and I bet everything taste as good as it looks. I saw a piece of chocolate cake in the pictures I could go for right now.

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Free delivery too! Its a good thing she's not near my house. That would be too tempting!

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I was hoping with VA in your name she might be close to me! But I'm in Northern VA. I know where she is if it's close to JMU, but that's a couple hours from here :( But I can tell my friends that live down there to go check her out!

Lots of luck to her!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I'm usually not one easily impressed, but her site is very impressive. She has certainly come a long way in a very short time.

I wonder how long she will be able to manage doing all of the baking by herself. Are you the grandma she baked with in her childhood?

She is certainly a wonderful 'Success' story.

(the other) Sue

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Thanks to all of you for your nice comments and compliments.

Renee is my DS's daughter. When she was growing up she and her cousin, my DD's son were great buddies, even though he is 4 years older. They each liked to cook, and any time they were at our house, they wanted to cook. I gave them free range in the kitchen, with one rule: they had to clean up when they were through. Now grown up they each are good cooks, she specializing with cakes and cupcakes, and he is the grill master. I was never a gourmet cook, but I was great with pies, cakes and cookies, so I guess that might be genetic!

So yes, I am the grandma she is referring to, and it is a good thing I am about 35 minutes away from the shop or I would be eating up her profits!


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its lovely and I'm so happy for her success...You should be bursting with pride!!

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