salt substitute

goldyDecember 9, 2012

Please give me a few names of good salt substitutes.

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There's a salt sub from Morton's, and there's also Mrs. Dash, which is an herb blend.

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Check with your doc before using salt substitute.....especially if your kidney function tests are abnormal.
Instead of using a salt substitute, use herbs and lemon juice instead.

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And why are you considering one in the first place? If you have high blood pressure, you only need give up salt if you're salt sensitive--only about 10% of the population will have their BP adversely affected by eating salt. However, drs don't discuss that with you--it's easier to just tell everyone to avoid it than to figure out who needs to, who doesn't.

Now there are other health issues where eating salt IS a problem. And you shouldn't go against your drs orders without talking to him about it, anyway.

But I will tell you this--20 years ago, I was put on BP meds, and told to avoid high sodium foods. I took the meds and avoided adding salt, deli meats, canned and other process foods, etc. My BP, of course, came down. After many years of eating bland foods, and learning more about high BP (namely that most people won't be harmed by a little salt), I cautiously went back to using it. And it made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in my readings.

Do follow your dr's advice, please, but do research the issue of salt sensitivity, and discuss that with him. The chemicals in salt subs aren't exactly the best choice for many of us, either, and it may be you can stick with the lesser of those 2 evils.

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Mrs. Dash and Spike are our favorites. I think I like Mrs. Dash (original) best.

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Thankyou have been very helpful

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Bragg~~~Organic Sea Kelp Delight seasoning~~24 herbs and spices 0 sodium

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