Frying steaks on a griddle??

nodakgalDecember 31, 2008

DH bought a new electric griddle for me for Christmas..we have some ribeyes here I am going to make for supper. I think I will try them on the electric griddle....I've only grilled steaks never fried them.

Is there anything I need to know? LOL

What temp would you suggest? 325 or 350?

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I fry steak all the time. I like mine rare, so I would put it at 350, brown it and then flip it. (Actually, I like mine really rare, so I would put the heat higher than that.)

I fry sirloin in a cast iron skillet too. I like to rub a little flour on it...season with Tony's, and put just a little oil in the skillet...let it get hot, flip it over and do the other side. I prefer it that way to broiled. I think it has a better taste.

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To grill inside..prep your steaks while your grill is heating to 375 or 400º. Rub salt & pepper into each side & I cut a garlic clove in half & rub the steaks w/them as well. Make sure the steaks are room temp beore grilling.
Just before placing on the grill..LIGHTLY rub some olive oil on both sides..the reason is to char the outside of the steaks so juices stay inside. No need to oil the grill-
Sear the steaks on high for 1 minute on each side, then turn heat to 350º and grill till they are done the way you like. If about 1" thick? For medium rare..I'd grill for 3 min on 1 side and the same on the other. BUT..ONLY flip them the 1 time.

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My Dad use to "fry" steaks inside, but he used a cast iron skillet. He'd get the skillet VERY hot..then throw the steak on. Let it cook about a min +/- on one side then flip it over and do the same with the other side! He liked his rare too!

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If you are going to fry them rather than grill, consider making them Sicilian style to take advantage of the griddle. Your guests will love the change from just eating plain 'ol meat to having the steaks marinated and breaded and fried in olive oil. For added twist, grate Parmesan cheese and sprinkle with Balsamic vinegar and serve sauteed peppers on the side.

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let them come to almost room temp before putting them down on the hot griddle...That way they'll cook faster, before charring too...

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I am not shoveling 4 ft of snow off my deck to grill this New Years Eve. I've shoveled before but not this much! The grill is in the corner so its got to be shoveled all the way back to get it out. Besides its -20 up here and the gas is too slow for grilling today! LOL

I will try them on a good hot griddle with a little flour and seasonings, DS likes rare, DH medium well and me extremely well! (I know, I know but I can't do bleeding meat! LOL)
Now to remember to take them out about an hour early! LOL
I think I may toast some garlic bread on there too while its on.

Thank you!!

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sounds delish...and reminds me to take the two ribeyes out of the garage freezer for hubby and I in the next day or so....

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We make our steaks cuban style. Pounded very thinly and fried. We add sauted onions, parlic and parsley. Sooo good. We add white rice, black beans and fried plantains! You all need to come over soon! BTW, if you like cuban food, Gloria Estefan and her husband just put out a great cookbook call Estefan Kitchen. It's got all the typical cuban foods and exactly how my mom used to make them. Nothing artificial, no little powders... just good, natural ingredients. Get yourselves one. Totally worth it!

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better still we did t-bones in the oven tonight...sounds crazy but they were very good...(we like well) i set the oven at 425 and took about 35 minutes...they were done thru and still moist.

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Orie, Thanks for the cook book recommendation. I can never get fried planatain right. Alton Brown never did them on his show to learn the tricks. Most cookbooks are just so basic.

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Steaks were good!
I turned the griddle up to 400 degrees. Preheated it well, seasoned the room temp steaks with a bit of Steak Dust (from Sam's) and a titch of flour rubbed into them good. Drizzled just a little olive oil and slapped them babies on the grill. Yum. DH was surprised at how tasty they were without being done on a grill. The were so big nobody could finish them! Tomorrow its breakfast(leftover) steak and eggs! LOL

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