? for Juneroses (google nexus tablet, again -- sorry!)

pammyfayDecember 5, 2012

I'm still waiting to see the 10-inch version in stores, I guess it'll be a little while. But in the meantime I've been playing with whatever other tablets I've seen in Office Depot, Staples...

One of the things I'd like to do with the tablet when I have it out of the house is crosswords, and you mentioned that you do crosswords on your 7-inch.

When I was using the 7-inch this week, and using the web on it to pull up the USA Today crossword and some others, it didn't display properly. I'm not sure why, but when I accessed another crossword it was OK -- tho there was very little display space. Enlarging the type helped me get the letters in but I'm wondering if you use a stylus for this?

Do you find it frustrating to do a crossword on your tablet? Tips? Maybe I'm just not approaching the tablet in the most user-friendly way!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I will throw this out not all apps are formatted properly to display correctly on tablets, and the size does often matter. Many apps were created for phones display and look odd on tablets. Some will tell you in the app store that it is not optimised for your device.

I have a majhong game that looks great on my phone but isn't really playable on my bigger tablets.

There's lots of free apps to try till you find the right one . Like solitare I tried many but the best app for it is solitare free pack.

I do crossword on mine with no problem. I think the app i am using is crossword lite.

By the way if you want the nexus 10",you might look at the tablet I am using right now. It is by Asus same as the nexus7, has the same tegra quad core processor, same screen, but it is 10", now the nexus 10 is made by Samsung instead of Asus. Asus has a high ratings tablet.
Look into Asus tf300 transformer tablet, it is hard to beat, virtually the same as the nexus7 but 10", and there's been some awesome sales on them. I got the dock with keyboard for mine but it is not necessary.

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

For crosswords, I use the Shortyz Crosswords app (free at Google Play) and lock the screen into Portrait (open the app, tap settings [3 small stacked squares/dots at the upper right of the screen], tap SETTINGS, and then tap ORIENTATION LOCK. Tap PORTRAIT.) You will need to do this only once. All future Shortyz crosswords will be oriented in Portrait mode.

As you noted, in Landscape mode there's not much space left to actually display the crossword when the keyboard is also displayed. I'd be unhappy if I had to work in this mode.

Despite the fact that I don't have long, slender "piano" fingers, I don't use a stylus. I find I can tap the keyboard letter I want with only the occasional miss.

With Shortyz, the daily crosswords available are: NY Times, Washington Post, Newsday, Joseph, Los Angels Times, Sheffer, Thinks.com, Universal, and USA Today.

Shortyz also offers 13 other sources for weekly crosswords.

You can choose which of these (or all) you wish to download, and the date to be downloaded. You also have the option to automatically download the puzzles you have selected when you go online (only the puzzles with that day's date will DL).

I especially like that below the clue, you see the spaces for the answer. If any of the spaces are filled in (because of an answer to the clue going in the opposite direction) that letter(s) is shown. I find this really helpful for the vertical answers as it makes it easier to visualize a word forming. It may be that most online crossword puzzles do this. Frequently I don't even look at the crossword display but rather this layout below the clue.

I definitely do not find it frustrating to do crosswords on the tablet. In fact, I prefer it. No holes in the paper from too many erasures and it's easy to hold the 7" in one hand and "answer" with the other. Plus I can put in "maybe" letters in hopes that I have an "aha" moment and the answer comes to me.

I haven't had any glitches regarding how the crosswords display.

If something happened to my tablet today (assuming it didn't spontaneously combust, etc.) I'd curse myself for being so clumsy, etc. and rush out and buy the exact same one again.

This isn't related to crosswords, but in my earlier post I mentioned I had just DL a GPS app. Earlier this week I had a chance to try it out and I'm amazed at how well it worked (Navfree: Free GPS Navigation) and definitely recommend it. After having DL the map of my state earlier and saving it, the tablet "found" us on the road and a voice (surprise!) even advised when we needed to "turn left in 100 yards", etc. I've since DL the maps of a few adjoining states for a forthcoming trip.

Good luck in your research, Pammyfay.

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The Nexus is great! I'm absolutely in LOVE with this thing! It is very user friendly so I didn't have to go searching the internet for tutorials. Here's the one I have on Amazon http://bit.ly/YtuY5v. If you're looking to get a tablet I'd recommend the Nexus over the other tablets, it really blows them away. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Nexus on Amazon

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