Red Church photograph

kacramDecember 26, 2012

Someone here posted a picture they had taken. A bright
red little church. I've searched every "I'll show you
mine if you show me yours" post in December. I did
a search for church and red church. I can't find it.
Does anyone know where it is? Or am I losing my mind?

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Did you try a google image search? It brings up loads of pictures of red churches, perhaps one is the one you are looking for?

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Oh, Azzalea, why of course I didn't think of that!
hahahah DUH! And there it was. Apparently it wasn't
posted here! In my mind, I was thinking it was some of
Casey, Vetaal, Bob Or Nicole's husbands photography.

I guess I am crazy! ahahhahaahaaaaa thank you!

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