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GeorgysmomDecember 2, 2012

Do you regift? If I receive something that I like but cannot use, I will use it as a Hostess gift but it has to be something I really like. How about you.

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When I taught school, I regifted. And you are right, something that you think the receiver will like as well as yourself.

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Not often. I see nothing wrong with it. But I do believe you have to make sure that the gifter doesn't find out i case they are sensitive.
I, on the other hand feel it is my pleasure for you to regift something if you don't want it. When I give a gift, of course I hope the person will keep it and enjoy it, but you can't always be right. So, if they can save time and money by regifting my gift, I am fine with it.
I think the problem with regifting is when people don't take into consideration whether or not the person would like the gift. Like giving perfume to someone who never wears it etc.

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I have no problem with it--as long as the original giver won't find out, and it's something the recipient will truly enjoy.

Not everyone knows us as well as they think they do--so there are times we do get things we cannot use. I think it makes more sense for them to fine a good home with someone who will enjoy them, than to sit in the bottlm of a drawer until we end up tossing them years later.

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When we give something ... we've passed title, haven't we?

If I give my son a car ... and he chooses to give it to his son ... or sell it ... that's entirely his decision to make, isn't it?

(Don't tell my son that I said that, O.K?)!

Or do we leave strings attached to the gifts that we make? Fastened to the gift with strong tape?

Hey! Another use for duct tape!

ole joyful

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I never have done it myself, but I'm not against it. If I like the gift, I tend to use it unless I already have the item. Then I'd regift in a heartbeat.

Old Joyful, once you gift a gift, it's theirs. Sure glad to see you here--been wondering where you were.

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I learned my lesson a LONG time ago. I had a birthday party for my oldest daughter. I think she was 7. She got duplicate gifts. I put it in the closet for a future gift. About 2 months later, she was invited to a party. She took the duplicate gift as her present. The next day I got a phone call from the girls mother asking where I'd bought the gift, wanting to return it as her daughter already had one.


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These gifts may be the origin of the brand new items on the shelves at Goodwill.

I'd pass along an unwanted gift to someone who might enjoy it, but not *as a gift* for an occasion.

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Sure. Why not? Especially these days where "sentiment" has gone out of gift-giving. These days the word gift means "obligation fulfillment" most of the time. Compelled to give something - not because I want to. And then there's the obligation then given to the other party that they have to give you something of equal value without regard to usefulness or desirability.

It's really sad. Even cash has become demonized these days. Can't give someone the green stuff or a check, you have to "buy" a gift card, usually for some place the giver likes and often the receiver doesn't. That's really in the spirit of the season! LOL

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And just how "spirited" is such (at least semi-obligatory) giving?

ole joyful

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I have no problem re-gifting if I think an item is perfect for someone on my gift list.

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As for the lady who called, asking where the gift had been bought, so she could return it, as her daughter had one ... I'd have laughed and told her what had happened ...

... and invited her to join the merry-go-round!

As one gets old one gets less concerned about image, maybe? As, until 5 months ago, driving a 24-year-old car, now an 8-year-old one?

o j

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Make it more spirited Joyful. I used to frequently head to the liquor store and get some spirits the recipient would enjoy. Seldom if ever that was re-gifted.

And while I think of it Joyful, rather than you sending me $20 (or $50 or $10,000, or whatever), I propose you go buy a gift for yourself and I'll get myself something for myself and consider it a gift from each other. With you I can guarantee there's no re-gifting!

And we don't have to consider postage or exchange rates on it.

And if we don't like the gift, we know who to blame!

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