The Garden Web site on my I phone is asking

vannieDecember 18, 2012

for a user name and password, and I need to know how to retrieve that. I just click on to get this on my lap top, but now I can't get it on the I phone. Any suggestions? I have so many passwords, and thought I had that one written down, but I don't. Any clues? TIA

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Just go to the bottom of any page and send a message via the Contact US link. They can then send you your password via the email addy you have set up with GW.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is a very very good idea to get a special notebook to keep those important bits of info in. Every time you register, set up an account etc put it in the notebook and store it where you can find it. If someone breaks into your house manages to steal your pc and also finds the special notebook well they have real skills. Me I figured for them to do that I would be dead and they would have a few rounds in them.

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You could always use the "forgot my password" link and they'll send you info on how to change it. This would come in handy only if you have your e-mail linked to your IPhone (I have 2 e-mail accounts linked to mine).

Also - the IPhone has a notepad and you can store multiple pages of notes. I use mine for grocery lists, reminders, etc. You could store some of the less important passwords there. I wouldn't store bank info or anything like that on there, though.

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