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cookie8December 8, 2012

I am hoping someone can help me out with this. I haven't knit in years and decided to make my mom a hat for Christmas (which I promised her years ago). Anyways, I am using a very fuzzy yarn and I can't tell if it is the right side or wrong side. I am supposed to knit every row to 2 1/2 inches and then finish on the wrong side. You can't see anything through all the fluff and fuzz. So, should the tail be on the right or left end for wrong side? I am at the 2 1/2 inch mark with my tail on the right (but not the right side of the fabric because I don't what that is?? sorry to complicate things) side ready to go to the next step. Thanks for any help.

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Usually the pattern will say at one point which rows are the right side, the odd rows or the even rows. If you can't tell and the pattern doesn't say, then I would not worry about it.

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True. I wasn't thinking ahead. If you can't even see the yarn, it will be fine regardless. Man, I should have went with a standard yarn to get back into it with because this embellished yard is sooooo hard to deal with.

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I agree. If you can't tell, then it won't be a problem.

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Add me to the can't tell, doesn't matter. If you're's a personalization to the pattern!!

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If I am thinking correctly, wrong side should be on the left at the end of the row. I maybe wrong, as it's been a while since I knit flat. Most of my knitting lately has been in the round. But if you can't tell which side is which with the fuzzy yarn, don't worry about it.Welcome back to the world of knitting!


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There is a super-easy way to tell if you are about to knit a right-side or a wrong-side row.

When you are knitting flat (not using circular needles), when you are done with the cast-on, the "working yarn" will be on the pointed-end of the needle - correct? (I purposely didn't say "at the right" because there are some left-handed knitters). Depending on the cast-on method you use, the "tail" will be at either the left end or the right end of the needle.

All you have to do is to take note of which end of the needle has the tail when you're done with the cast-on; and then note whether the first row that you knit is a wrong-side row or a right-side row.

So, let's say that the tail is at the left end of the needle, and the first row you knit is a right-side row. You will always know that you're starting a wrong-side row when the tail is at the right end of the needle.

In this photo, the tail is at the left, and the working yarn is on the right. If the first knitted row is a right-side row, then the knitter will know that every time the tail is at the pointed end, the row will be a wrong-side row; and every time the tail is at the "blunt" end (like in the photo), the row will be a right-side row. And vice versa if the first row is a wrong-side row.

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Lindsey- Great help! I often get mixed up when knitting. I made a scarf for my daughter one year using pom-pom yarn and got so lost I gave up and just kept knitting. It turned out fine. I know there are row-counters available but I'm lazy. I had one major problem knitting in the round- I couldn't join the first row and the hat I was trying to make became such a mess, I just cut the yarn and threw it away. I have since seen a method for joining in the round which involves knitting in the front and back of the joining stitch. Good luck to Cookie8!

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That's perfect! I don't know how long my knitting "career" will last though. The boa yarn is killing me. I can't tell what is what. I usually end up with a couple of extra stitches which I have to blend in the next row. It's very forgiving to look at though. Here's hoping it doesn't unravel they first time my mom wears it! I'll try to post a picture when I am done - yes, I am that proud.

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For your next project, pick something in a regular stranded yarn. It won't be as difficult and you will enjoy it more. And be hooked again!

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Here is a trick someone suggested to me online via her grandmother's advice to her. When you are knitting in the round, cast on one extra stitch. I knit the first row, and make the last stitch the same as the first. Let's say the first stitch was a knit, then I knit that last extra stitch. Then I make sure the stitches are all lined up evenly, slip the last stitch next to the first stitch on the left needle, and then knit the first and last stitch together as one stitch for a strong join. I like this method best to get a nice, strong and even looking join.

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I "get it" Joyce. Thanks!

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