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AlmostAGrannyDecember 29, 2011

Hi - I've been a lurker on these boards for quite awhile, enjoying reading other members posts & gaining some knowledge from them as well. But now, I've got my own question to post to other members. I am a horrible, chronic snorer and I hate to have to start sleeping in a separate bedroom from my partner before we're even married! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions on snoring devices that work? I use the Breathright nasal strips with limited success (and they are costly). Am apprehensive to try something else I can find on the internet without hearing some true reviews first. Thanks all!!!! Paula

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You need to go see a doctor and get booked for a sleep study. Snoring is potentially a precursor of heart problems. My dh was a horrible snorer. Finally, he listened to someone and did a sleep study this last year. He has terrible sleep apnea. Dh now has a cpap machine he sleeps with at night. He doesn't snore anymore and he feels better during the day.

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The first thing to do is to tell your doctor and get tested for sleep apnea. Chronic snoring is the major sign. Sleep apnea can kill you. It's very common. So eliminate that before looking for other solutions.

If you do turn out to have sleep apnea sleeping with a properly adjusted CPAP will give you a safe good nights rest and also your partner.

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Add my name to what wildchild and adellabedella said.

I am hoping you have medical insurance, because that would cover the sleep study and CPAP machine.

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My husband and my SIL both use a CPAP machine.
DH has been on it for years. SIL just got one in the past year, she says it has helped her a lot.

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Welcome, AlmostAGranny, come sit down and have a cuppa with us.

First, I'd listen to the people who tell you to see a doctor rather than "stevhardy1" who just registered at the KT today and is definitely trying to sell something.

Second, not all people who snore have apnea, but the only way you'll find out is to do the study. I couldn't believe how little Harry was breathing and it scared the daylights out of me.

So please have the test if you can and come back and "talk" with us some more!

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Like the others have said get a sleep study! My husband did and now he has a cpap machine and he sleeps like a baby! No more tossing and turning and best of all no snoring!! Good luck to you!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I love my CPAP. I put it off for too long. My sleep study showed a severe restriction of O2 at night. The CPAP is quiet, comfortable, but ugly as heck, lol. But, I love my peaceful nights and so does my wonderful husband.

If you have insurance, a good portion of all costs will be covered.

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I use a FLENT BREATHING DEVICE. Get them on EBAY for about $4.00 each (search for cheapest). They are
reuseable and were replaced by breath strips, which
are not reuseable..

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

A sleep study should be the first step.
When you sleep many people the jaw drops down and out of alignment which is one of the things that starts the chain of events that cause snoring. For some people a device from a dentist that holds the jaws in proper alignment can stop snoring. This is one such device, you can check with a dentist in your area for help in this area.

My husband snores very bad, refuses to do a sleep study but by watching him I know that his jaw is dropping down dramatically hanging open and causing his tongue to drop back in his throat and block his airway.
Ask someone to watch you when you start snoring to see if that type of thing is happening.

My sister did the sleep study and was amazed at how little she was actually breathing. She is now on a cpap it took her some time to find the proper type mask for her she had to try a few different ones but she has had good success using the cpap.

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