Do you think TV commercials are quieter now?

chisueDecember 14, 2012

The long-awaited day has come. TV commercials are to be no louder than normal programing. Notice a difference?

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Not really--on several stations I watch I have to still constantly turn the tv down for the EXTREMELY loud commercial breaks.

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I've noticed them quieter. In fact, when there is talking, I can't hear them, but at the end, the volume is normal.

For example, our cable is promoting blazing speeds and Santa is talking to a homeowner with his reindeer and sleigh, saying how fast he goes around the world to deliver the presents.
The two of them talking are very hard to hear, if I can hear them at all. But at the end when Rogers comes up talking about their blazing speeds the volume is normal.

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Under the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM),enacted in 2010, you shouldn't be getting commercials louder than the programme.

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I haven't noticed, but they are just as annoying as they used to be.

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I haven't noticed that yet, but I'll now pay attention to see. But I -do- know that when I switch from one channel to another, one will be MUCH louder than the other. Very annoying.


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Hadn't given it a thought until you mentioned it but yes there seems to be a difference. I don't notice the blasts that I used to. From what I read about the legislation though was that there wasn't too much to it in that it still allowed an average level to be maintained so it could have the blasts of noise with quieter spots. Maybe they changed it because I don't notice it.

Now if we could get something on TV like content blocker in Opera to block the obnoxious commercials... And yes I know there's supposed to be an ad blocker out there for certain things, but some commercials I don't mind. It's just the ones that are so obnoxious that I want to block. That could also change some of the commercials too. Bring back Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes. Bring back Sasha (The Hamm's Beer Bear). Far better than a lot of the junk on there now.

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Ours have been just as loud as ever. I do have to say tho, that we switched to DirectTv last week, but we haven't been home long enough to watch much for as busy as we've been. So I don't know if it was Time Warner, the commercials themselves, or what.

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FlamingO in AR

I'm not sure we'll notice, we hit the mute button during every commercial break if we're watching live TV. Usually we DVR all our shows and just zoom thru the commercials, unless I spot one I want to see.

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Yes, I have noticed that they are much quieter.

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No I hadn't noticed but now that you mention it they are quieter. I haven't had to jump for the remote to lower the volume in quite a while. Nor does my DH startle when an ad comes on blasting the volume.

See - Congress can accomplish something.............

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I've noticed this for a while now. Of course, I do have a slight age-related hearing loss (high frequencies). I do appreciate it. But I have one continuing TV related problem, my hubby hogs the remote. I'll say "Put on channel 256" and he really takes his time, or the phone rings and I'll have to scream at him to mute it. Can Congress do something about husbands?

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Hi Jannie,

You could try prayer??

o j

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Jannie we found a directv remote for $1 at a yard sale. Would suggest looking at thrift stores. That has saved a lot of irritation! Even paying full price would be worth it.

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I haven't noticed any difference because I hit the mute button as soon as they come on, or if it is something I've recorded, I fast forward through them.

What bothers me more than the commercials, since I can control that, is the background music and other noises on most shows. Often I can't hear the dialog because of the background racket.

Don't the producers ever watch/listen to their shows?


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Fred Thompson talking about reverse mortgages is so loud that I don't know why anyone would buy his product.

I heard on the radio that the station will be held responsible and would be subject to fines. It can't happen too soon for me.

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Commercials may be quieter, but it seems to me the programs are way more quieter, so you have to turn the sound up to hear the program--and when the commercials come on at the "normal" volume, the sound is comparatively as loud as ever--legally.

Like to think I'm wrong, but....


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