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Lizzann_ArDecember 7, 2012

Watching t.v. this morning and saw this advertised. http://paintingwithatwist.com/
Looks like a fun thing to do and the price is afforadable. I have always wanted to paint but have absolutely no talent for it. Dang, for the price of the class you probably couldn't find a painting that cheap. Anyone else heard of or think this would be fun? Oh by the way, I am not in any way trying to advertise for them, just wanted to get info on it.

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yes, there is one in Tacoma that I want to do. it seems like so much fun! I believe the one in Tacoma is Uncorked Canvas. Something like that. i found it via groupon . They were offering an evening of painting and food nibbles! sounds good. I WILL be doing it. I guess I might have to wait til after Christmas. As I was the boat I wanted to paint was offered at the end of november.. I hope they do it again in January!

In November, i took a glass bead making class. Awesome!

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They're doing a Santa one tonight and seeing as how my birthday is Sunday, sounds like a good treat for me!! Here comes Santa Claus...

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I went to "Merlot 2 Masterpiece" here in Houston with a group of girlfriends 6-8 weeks ago! It was quite a bit of fun, and we all purchased groupon's so we went for half price. To be honest, I just threw my painting out because it did not look very good. One of my friends had been 4 other times, and she commented on the lack of quality this time...instructor error, so to speak! Go ahead and try it. It was a very nice way to spend a Friday night. BTW, before we scheduled, we were able to opt what painting we wanted to complete. The whole class paints the same thing, so we picked our painting choice 1st, and then scheduled on a day the studio was painting our choice of picture.

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oh, no Houstonmom ! I can understand not being happy with your painting, but I would have painted over it. In gesso... white! And tried again! Or maybe even decoupage! lol

Lizzann, we expect to see a photo of it! d

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kat_wa...I never thought of that! My DH & kids (early 20's) all said it was good, but there was nowhere in my house I would have hung it. The colors were not a good match for my house, either. It was a painting of nighttime showing a New Orleans cobblestone path leading to a bar with a neon sign pointing to the bar's door. I told my DH that throwing out this one will motivate me to go again another time, but I'll pick out something else to paint!

Lizzann_Ar - the girl in my group that had great results with all her previous paintings had gone to Painting with a Twist at least 2 of her prior times. Good luck, and I think you'll enjoy yourself!

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Well, I may not get to go tonight but hopefully will get to go sometime this month to do the santa or snowman even. Kat, it will only be posted if it is post worthy, lol. Houstonmom, can you tell me how you found it half price on Groupon, I'm all about something being half price.

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Now you made melook. We have a place in Tulsa called Pinot's Palette. They have some cool ones that are sold out. I've been talking about taking some of my neighbor's and going. I may see if dd could go with me first. It looks like fun.

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