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jasdipDecember 26, 2012

The answer to the trivia quiz is:

65% of people believe this is the biggest annoyance when shopping.

When the clerk asks them for their email address and postal code.

Today's question is:

72% of us have this excuse as to why we don't get exercise.

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I don't give my email address but I do understand why they want your postal code. This is one of the ways a company uses to decide whether to open new stores in a particular area. I learned this when I worked for Williams-Sonoma.

As for the answer to today's trivia, I usually have more than one excuse so I can't narrow it down to one.LOL

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Not enough time.

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I would've said asks for my phone number. I can say it's unlisted, but nowadays it's followed by a blank look--like they don't even know what that means?! I had a cashier fight with me, trying to say, they'd "give me huge benefits" (paraphrasing) if I gave it to her. I wondered how that could be, unless they send them to my phone? Which made even less sense, since I don't have texting ability. Why would I want to shop (in order to use their amazing benefits) where they bother me?

Don't exercise? Not enough time, I second it.

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I was going to say the time thing. too, but generally the answers are so far from the obvious I'm trying to think of something more obscure.

Too tired.
Can't afford exercise equipment.
bad back.

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Yup....way too busy.

It's a general statement.

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I'm with not enough time in the day

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