Geminid meteor shower!

schoolhouse_gwDecember 14, 2012

Did anyone else get to see it last night? I thought it would be too cold to go out after midnight or near dawn so forgot about seeing them. But a little after 11pm., I walked into the pantry to turn off the little xmas tree on the windowsill and happened to look out the window at the right time - saw a meteor flash by! So I got my coat on and went out onto the back porch where in 20min. I saw appx. seven meteors. They were quick, maybe a one to two second streak of light. I got too cold tho and had to come inside. Went back out after midnight but didn't see any and had to come inside. I should have gotten back up around 4:30a because I suddenly woke up, but wimped out and went back to sleep.

In fact, I have never seen such a clear night sky and such bright stars in a long time. Looking directly above me over my house, it was unbelievable, and there was a small cluster of stars that I need to find the name of.

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I did not go out and look at them.. but I did see the International Space Station pass over where I live, Owasso Oklahoma.. It started at 5:33 came from ssw and disapeared nne. It was visible for 4 minutes and was neat to see.

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Our valley is socked in with fog and a fridged layer obove it that promises some snow as the clouds move in. Missed it again.

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We saw them!
A dozen or so in the ten minutes we were outside.

I have never seen a night so clear and dark... the number of stars was amazing.

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I was out for about a half hour or so, and was seeing about 4 every five minutes. I probably would have stayed out longer but I couldn't find my hat so I was cold, and I heard some animal moving around in the darkness.

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I went out of town to a light free road after 9 pm but saw nothing. The sky was dark enough, but there may have been a thin cloud layer low on the horizon over Lake Michigan, enough to intefere with viewing at that time of night. Possibly, it would have been better later in the night when the meteors would have been higher in the sky. We gave up and went home - twas getting too chilly for no return of sighting.

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I was watching them while in the hot tub. Saw about a dozen or more....without my glasses!!! :)

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Toni S

Watched them for about 15 mins at 11:30. Saw about a dozen blaze across the sky. So amazing!

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