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KathsgrdnDecember 13, 2012

Howdy everyone! It's ice cold here in Kentucky. I just put a quiche in the oven...crustless with mushrooms, onions and ham...yum.

I have a few more gifts to get and then I'll be done. We're celebrating our Christmas on the weekend before since I have to work on Christmas day. The kids usually spend Christmas eve with their father's family so I picked up overtime Christmas Eve.

Speaking of work, big changes are coming to our unit. Our manager is leaving. This will make manager #5 when the new one comes...if a new one comes. There have also been 1- 1.5 year periods where we had no actual manager and were just covered by another nurse manager from another unit. We are also going back to telemetry. Not looking forward to that. 6 more years before I can

Lauren is sick again. She had mono last year and they told us she would probably get sick alot for a while as her immune system would be weak. Well, they weren't kidding. Second time in two months. Whooping cough is in most of the schools in our little town right now so they tested her for it last night when I took her to the doctor..or NP. She was a new one and looked barely older than Lauren.

Well, Lauren just came out and said she wanted me to take her to school as soon as she got ready. She got her heart broken last night. Her boyfriend came over to break up with her. ) : She's cried her eyes out all night long. I guess she's feeling better.

So, guess I have to get dressed now. I woke up with a massive headache this morning but took a couple Tylenol and it's gone. I've been sneezing too, hope I don't have what Lauren's got.

My only day off during the week, not including the weekend...going to do my Christmas cards (maybe) and go out and get a couple more gifts. Do laundry. Mail a package. Was supposed to work this weekend but I requested it off so I could go to the CIEE (exchange program) Christmas party since I missed the last two because I had to work. Of course they decided not to have one this year!!! Lauren and her friends are going to my hospital to sing Christmas carols this Saturday. Hopefully she won't still be sick. They've been practicing and are excited about doing it.

What are your plans for the day?

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I am waiting to hear if the grandsons have gotten over the stomach flu. If so, I will drive up to DDs to babysit so that she can get out to do some Christmas shopping. She lives about an hour and fifteen minutes away. I will make a big batch of tuna salad, and we will share that for lunch after she puts the 3 year old down for his nap. Then she can shop for a couple of hours before she has to pick up the kindergartener. Hopefully, they are over the bug. I need to do my few Christmas cards too.

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Good morning to you, Kath! I miss your morning posts, but you are are a busy bee! Hope things work out at the hospital. Our VA seems to have plenty of nurses on the wards, plus other people who change bedding, etc. At least that's been the case when Harry's been admitted. We have a new wing devoted entirely for in-patients. All the rooms are private and large and have their own bathroom. Also a couch and chairs for visitors (unlike the wards that have 5 patients to a room and two chairs). Thankfully, I haven't had to see it yet, but it's been getting rave reviews from those who have. Those veteran's deserve it!

Hope you and Lauren feel better and have a wonderful Christmas!!

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Thanks Patti, I don't post very often anymore but try and check in and see what's going on with everyone.

We have a floor with all nice, new rooms, mostly singles upstairs from us. Our unit looks very dated and dingy in comparison. Some of the patients refuse to be moved down to our unit because of it. But the other day one of our patients told me he was writing a letter to the big wigs about what great nurses we had and how he prefers us over the nice new unit. They are painting and trying to fix up the rooms on our unit. They don't have the funds apparently for a complete remodel right now though.

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